Swapped Halter



I’m not one to ever buy something that I have to wear an extra layer with, but this dress was free & the pattern is totally adorable.

  • hairclip: hello shiso, $3
  • bracelet: handmade
  • earrings: Payless, won in a giveaway
  • cardi: ModBod, c/o MB ($35)
  • dress: swapped
  • shoes: thrifted Nine West, $5

TOTAL: $8 ($43)


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    1. Emily says:

      I have the same layering philosophy and love your new dress!!

    2. […] This halter wrap dress was one of the items I scored at the swap. I love the print & the skirt part. I’m tempted to refashion it into a skirt. Sorry the photo is blurry & gross. The lighting the last couple of days has been less than desirable in the studio. You get the idea, though. I found this wrap skirt (that I wore on Sunday) there, too. I love both of these pieces, but I know for sure I would’ve completely walked past both of them in a thrift store or any store for that matter. I don’t do wraps. Well, not until now anyway. […]

    3. Aynna says:

      I think you should make it into a skirt if you can. If I had the talent, that’s what I would have done. Halters and wraps are awkward on me now.

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