Thanks, Padgett!


I got the most lovely surprise in the mail a few weeks ago: LEMONS! Friend & fellow blogger, Padgett sent me a bunch of meyer lemons from her parent’s house in San Diego. Lemme tell you, fresh-picked lemons are WORLDS better than the kind you buy at the store. I’m sort of a lemon snob. It was such a sweet & welcome surprise to get a bundle of sweet lemons at my door!


I just finished off the rest of them this afternoon when I made a fresh lemon strawberry granita. After trying out Smitten Kitchen’s lemon mint granita a few years ago, ¬†smoothie-style granitas are one of my most favorite summer treats. So refreshing & so delicious. My take on the granita is more of a smoothie & less of a snow cone – mostly because I lack the patience to put the smoothied yumminess back in the freezer to let it set.


My version: Strawberry Lemon Granita

  • 1/4 cup simple syrup*
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 pint fresh or frozen strawberries
  • ice cubes (or water)

Make the simple syrup. Add syrup, lemon juice & strawberries into blender & blend. Add ice cubes or cold water (depending on consistency) to taste. I usually add a handful or two of ice cubes.

To make simple syrup: pour 1 part sugar, 1 part water into a saucepan & heat until it starts to boil. Make sure all sugar is incorporated. No need to cool the mixture before adding it into the granita. The ice & frozen strawberries cool it down just fine.

Thanks again, Padgett, for the delicious lemons!!

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    1. Faith says:

      That looks so refreshing! Love the photos (that coaster is adorable).

    2. Tang says:

      I’m definitely going to try this recipe! I love strawberries and lemonade!!!!

    3. oooh that may just be my new summer beverage. it’s beautiful to look at, and i’m sure it’s just as delicious. yummmmmy!! PS. i’ve always wanted to have a little potted lemon tree in my house … this makes me more eager to try that out. XO

    4. gentri lee says:

      How fun! Fresh fruit is so much better! :)

    5. Emily says:

      YUM!! I love fresh lemons and strawberry lemonade. :)

    6. Amy says:

      Fabulous, nice cool summer drink!

    7. Padgett Hoke says:

      AHH! That was the most exciting post I have ever read, that was so very very sweet of you! I am so glad you shared the recipe too, because I wanted to try it when you mentioned it but forgot to ask you how you did it! Oh, yay, thank you! Have a wonderful day – I am going to pass this along to my parents – they will be so very tickled! xo xo xo

    8. Liz Hoke says:

      They really are the best lemons!!

    9. Bmerry says:

      Yum. I’m having a pink lemonade sipping party to unveil my new home and I think this recipe is a contender.

    10. ariel says:

      Hi Melissa! Besides saying thank you for sharing this recipe, I can’t wait to try it…I wanted to say hello. I have been following your blog for a while and thought I would finally drop a line. My husband is friends with Scott who originally told me about your blog. Thanks for sharing all your talent!

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