The Feli-Monster


Last Friday, Felix turned 4 months old & had a well-checkup. Oh. My. I’m raising a monster. He weighed in at 17lbs 5oz with a gigantic 17.5″ head. That’s off-the-charts huge for a four month old. The doc said, “I know a lot of 9 month olds that would love to weigh that much!”


Look at those rolls!undefined

Since things are usually more than a little hectic around here, Felix doesn’t get very many photo ops. I thought I would take the time to have a little session with him while Penelope was napping. I was a little distracted because I was talking on the phone pretty much the whole time, though. Why do I always feel like I have to be multi-tasking? I’m crazy.undefined

This one might be my favorite. He ALWAYS smiles like this. What a sweet smile!


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    1. Larissa says:

      As a mother of a baby that was always under the chart, to have a baby over always seemed like a goal – He looks beautiful and healthy and ever so happy! Congrats.

    2. Mama Violet says:

      Wow! My girl is approaching 10 months and she’s about 16 pds. :)

    3. Rachael says:

      He is adorable!! That smile of his made me smile :) So sweet.

    4. Emily says:

      He is so cute! I want to squish him. :) Chubby babies are the best!

    5. Kayla says:

      Oh sweet mercy, my 14 month old is barely 20 pounds. Feli-monster is an apt moniker. He’s darling!

    6. tamara says:

      Lets celebrate every roll & dimple! … my 8.5 month old is 25 pounds… BIG BABIES ROCK! They sleep better at night and hit milestones earlier. Felix is DARLING, and his gummy smile is just delicious.

    7. I’ve got a gorgeous big monster as well! My 2nd (charlie) was born 8th Feb and is bigger than felix! He was 17pd 10.5oz at his 4 month check a couple of weeks ago…..i just adore his beautiful chunky rolls (and he’s such a smiley baby as well)!

    8. alicia says:

      Beautiful pictures!

    9. Laurie says:

      So cute! Love the last two pictures.

    10. Scissors says:

      What pretty eyes! My son has a big head too! ;)

    11. Shaela says:

      awesome pictures, and what an adorable chunky monkey!! My kids were always in the 95th percentile so I know how you feel. :)

    12. Annette says:

      Don’t worry about Felix’s weight. As long as you feel he’s eating well and healthy all around, there’s no reason to worry. My son at 4 months weighed 8kg which is 17.6 pounds (I used google to convert). Doc was alarmed but my instincts told me that it’s okay. So just follow what feels natural and good to you and Felix. My son has now tapered to 9.96kg at 9 months, and he looks healthy. :) Felix is adorable – look at his eyes! Gorgeous! :D

    13. Amanda Jane says:

      What a beautiful blog and what a beautiful baby. Gorgeous photos!

    14. amy says:

      He’s adorable!! Those cheeks, that smile, those little curled toes! Just scrumptious. And his head is perfect, however you measure it. :)

    15. Amy says:

      Oh how I adore a chubby baby! What a cutie!

      Felix reminds me of my boy at that age… always off the charts in weight and head circumference. Mine has never stopped his steep growth curve and has passed me by in height at the age of 10.

    16. Hooray for big heads! That just means there is more to fill it up :) What a sweet lil guy… just love the rolls!

    17. Tang says:

      Hehehe gotta love baby rolls!

    18. Holy cow, Melissa! Maybe formula is the way to go . . . ;)

    19. Libby says:

      I can’t even handle how cute these pictures are. I love that bubbly smile. So sweet.

      Cherish his chubby babyiness!

    20. Libby says:

      P.S. love the feli-monster name. Hilarious!

    21. Aja says:

      Ohmygosh!! I seriously laughed out loud at the doctor’s comment! :)
      He is ADORABLE! I love those rolls! :)

    22. Marissa says:

      oh my – he is so full of chunky goodness! ADORABLE!

    23. Nelly says:

      Oh my gosh he is just gorgeous. I love a ‘chunky’ baby (mine is exactly the same)and the name Felix is great.
      Lovely blog, glad I’ve found you, I have a 5 month old so nice to read a blog with a baby of a similar age,
      Nelly xxx

    24. Ann says:


    25. Bellesme says:

      Hahah I looove that second picture, he looks so cute and shocked. For some reason it reminds me of Melissa in Melissa and Joey, especially the eyes and lips, but maybe thats because I just watched it today..

    26. evie s. says:

      so cute…my eensy weensy one year old is 17 lbs…but i didn’t hit 5 ft, so i guess he got the little genes from me.

    27. Gretchen says:


      I know your feeling about the not too many photo ops for #2. I, like you, have a new son and toddler daughter. Maybe it’s the outfits for the girls that called me to take her picture nearly every day as an infant? Maybe it’s the fact that even if I am sitting down nursing my baby, my attention is often focused on my 2 year old. I feel like my boy doesn’t quite get the undivided attention his sis enjoyed in her newborn career! :)

      Felix is MORE than adorable! I looooooove big heads on babies/kids. More cute face to enjoy. Small heads look odd!


    28. Amanda says:

      I just found your site and I love it! I too have a big headed chunky boy! At his 4 month visit he weighed in at a healthy 17 lbs 2oz, 25 inches long and a nice big 17 inch head! He caught up pretty quickly seeing as he was 6 lbs 2oz at birth :o)

    29. Alli says:

      Baby toes get me every time…sigh! Adorable….and those eyes!

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