Thrifty & Chic: A Chair with No Name


I know I’ve already shared one T&C item for this week, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. OH. MY. GOSH. It’s my favorite chair. While running some errands with Penelope the other day, I thought I’d stop in Thrift Town (a thrift store I used to go to in high school, but haven’t gone to since). I’d heard they’d upped their prices a lot more than Savers & DI, but I checked it out anyway.


It was almost refreshing to go to Thrift Town. It was like there was a whole different demographic of people donating & shopping there, so there were some pretty unique things there. I found this gorgeous chair sitting triumphantly atop a large shelf. I knew I had to have it. It was $8; a little more than I’m used to spending on chairs at thrift stores, but well worth it. I’m not going to complain.

undefined I wish I knew what brand/designer and era this chair was from. There are no markings indicating anything like that. Any of you savvy folks out there know possibly where this chair is from? I’m so in love with it, I think this baby needs a mate.

Have you found any good deals lately? A couple weeks ago, Heather scored a large ring of skeleton keys for $1, Faith scored a Pottery Barn crib sheet set (retail $170) for $15 and Laura (I just saw this OMG) scored a BCBG bag for $1! Please share links in the comments. I love to see what you’ve found recently. And again, if you can help find the chair a name/designer, that’d be killer.

Speaking of good deals, our complex is hosting a community-wide yard sale this Saturday! I’ve got a couple of things I’ll be putting out on the lawn, but I’m mostly excited to troll around & see if I can score anything sweet. Email me if you want to swing by. I’ll get you the address.

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    1. Kat Randall says:

      my latest steals :) espessially excited about the light fixture and the watch!

      <3 Kat

    2. Kat Randall says:

      oh and the barstool looks like a Arthur Umanoff. I did work in an antique store for 6 years :)

      <3 Kat +

    3. Emily says:

      Um that is the coolest chair! Congrats! I haven’t found anything good thrifting ever but my neighbor had a garage sale and gave me a striped maxi dress. :)

    4. Nicia says:

      I have been searching and searching for a sewing/craft table and I FINALLY found one at Goodwill for $10.00! It is a real sewing table that comes with a fold down leaf, thread holder and bins attached to the inside of the door which the leaf sits on while in use, and on the side it has a door which opens to shelves! It has wheels too. It’s heavenly! Perfect condition too. Wish I had pictures to share!!

    5. Ohhh I love the chair!! $8 seems like a steal to me! if you find chairs under that I want to know where you secret thrift stores are ;)

    6. That is quite the steal! It is a beautiful chair.

      I share my weekly thrift finds (I’m a thriftaholic)… the latest can be seen here:

      BTW, Love your blog and tutorials!

    7. That chair is fantastic!
      I found this fabulous coat for $10. A lot more then I would like to spend, but it is so worth it. I love it so much.

    8. Ruth says:

      I can’t place the designer of this chair either…and, wouldn’t ya know, I even took “The History of Chairs” class in college. Shows you how much I actually remember from that art class ;) Love the photos set up you did for the chair. Classy and simple.

    9. No kidding: I was reading this post and I got to the part about Laura and was like oh wow someone else named Laura got a $1 BCBG bag today too! I know-what a NERD!!! LOVE the chair. Its like youre my thrifty soul mate. I remember the first time I ever read your blog it was a post about milk glass and I looked over at my china hutch and my milk glass collection-yep. almost identical. its a small teeny tiny world afterall. LOL

    10. Meredith says:

      Melissa! I have been going through the same chair identity crisis for awhile now – check out these vintage bar stools I found on Craigslist. Not exactly the same as yours, but really really close!

      I wonder if this Arthur Umanoff fella did a design with wooden legs too… off to find out. :)

    11. Morgan says:

      isn’t thrift town just the best! it is a refreshing site opposed to the standard DI! That chair is amazing girl love it! I swear thrifted treasure just flocks to you!

      Meet Virginia

    12. Allison says:

      I LOVE that chair. I wish we had some good thrift shops in Indiana. I’d be happy to pay $8 for that chair, my thrift shops would’ve marked it up to at least $20.

    13. Bmerry says:

      Nice chair! i got a type writer table for $3.

    14. abby says:

      Love your new chair! I am going thrifting with a friend tommorrow and I can’t wait. I haven’t been in so long and have been dying to go.

    15. Sarah says:

      where is this Thrift Town? I’m pretty sure I’m in your area, so I’d love to know, especially since I have been less than impressed with DI’s pricing lately.

    16. erin says:

      What a find! Ah I’m so envious!!! That looks like an Arthur Umanoff chair. I just saw one that was very similar, with a different base, on Etsy. Check it out- it will make you feel even better about your score. ;)

    17. christy says:

      aaaah thats my bff laura mentioned TWICE here! How cool! And she just found like 100 plates for $2 this weekend-> thrifting extraordinaire:)

    18. Jeri says:

      Not me personally, but my brother in law, the big yard saler that he is, bought a gold ring for a quarter. He sold it at an antique store that buys scrap gold for $15. And he recently had a yard sale and made $400. He buys stuff at yard sales all of the time to sale at his own yard sales, selling the stuff at double or more what he paid for it.

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