Thrifty & Chic: Glamping Boots


Have you noticed this glamping trend that’s been popping up on all the big design sites like Frolic, Blah Blah BlahgOh, Hello Friend? I started noticing this little trend when J. Crew’s 2009 winter shoot totally made Sorrels look high fashion. I love the styling of all the photoshoots I’ve seen, but I’m not totally sold on the whole aspect of actually doing it: glamour camping, that is. Isn’t the whole point of camping to get dirt under your nails? Not a mani-pedi.

With that said, my cousin-in-law found these boots for $5 but they didn’t fit her. Gladly I took them off her hands! The leather is in near perfect condition. Maybe I’ll wear them the next time I go glamping. Or Gliking. That’s glamour hiking, in case you didn’t catch that last one. Either way, I’m totally ready for all the snow next winter (and next spring).

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    1. Stephanie says:

      I’m trying to think what my outdoorsy husband would say about “glamping”. He he. Love the boots, though.

    2. Rachel Dell says:

      glamping? yeah, i don’t know if i’ll do that. i like the idea of camping as being easy and carefree: throw a tent and some sleeping bags and maybe some s’mores and dogs and you’ve got a campout. i don’t think i could glamp (i like the word though. haha)

    3. chelsea fuss says:

      I love these boots!!

    4. Bmerry says:

      Sorrels ARE fashion; I love mine. I’m not so sure about camping though. I never got into it, but I feel as if I should give it another try. I am more likely to camp in my backyard though.

    5. Dani says:

      Glamour camping is the only way to do camping, in my opinion (this from a girl who grew up in a tent–we went camping when other kids stayed in hotels).

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