Catching Up


This week is my goal not to add any new projects to the docket, but to actually finish projects I’ve had in the queue for months. I just got around to lettering this quote for Danni:

and this sign for Angela:

I’ve been meaning to get around to both for some time (like several months). I’ve got a couple more calligraphy/lettering projects to finish this weekend. I can’t wait to show those to you, too! I’ve mostly been doing digital lettering these days, so it was fun to bust out the old pen & ink.
Speaking of calligraphy, who’s up for a class? For those of you who are local, I’m thinking about doing a class on the 17th of September from 1-3pm. Registration is limited & will go live next week. You’ll want to stay tuned. If you’re not local & looking to get in on all of our calligraphy fun, don’t despair! We will be filming the class in preparation for the online class I’ve been promising for nearly a year!


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    1. Danelle says:

      Ah! An online class?! Exciting! I’ll be there! Well, I’ll be here, in New Zealand, watching it. :P

    2. Venassa says:

      Wow those are really pretty! Calligraphy would be a fun class to take, although I am no where near local. Maybe it’s best that I don’t gain another interest. My crafting obsession is crazy enough so far.

    3. Erin says:

      They are so beautiful!

      I cannot wait for mine!

    4. Katie says:

      I hear you on the catching up. Our move to California really killed my project list. Plus, I lost my office in the move. As in our place here is smaller than the home we owned in Denver. It’s a bummer. I’ve got A LOT of sewing to do once we get settled. I will make stockings for Christmas this year come hell or high water!

    5. Annette says:

      Yep… I hear you. Weekends are the only day

    6. Annette says:

      Your flourishes are just so pretty! May I know what kind of nib do you use? I want to try this but have no idea which one to get. TIA!

    7. I wish you were local but an online class sounds fun! OR you could do a class next time you’re in AZ! (I’ll be sure not to get glutenated)

    8. Annette says:

      Melissa, thanks so much for your reply! I’ll buy some Hunt Mapping 103 nib and give this a try, it looks like fun. I took a look at the link you gave me and I think I’ll grab the cleaner too.

      Oh and I just realized I double posted in the comments! So sorry about that… I was typing on my phone, and got all butter fingers. :P

    9. Luisa says:



    10. Anna @ IHOD says:

      Oh my goodness when are you opening your shop! I have a spot in our new house that is aching for one of these!

    11. jessi says:

      Yes do a class please!! I used to do calligraphy a lot, and was in the Utah calligraphic association but have left that hobby behind for the past few years. I would LOVE to get into it again!!!!!!!! Great job on the signs, btw!

    12. woah, what?! what a surprise! you are amazing. it’s beautiful. thank you, so excited!

    13. Sandra says:

      You write beautifully! I would LOVE to learn, but I live in Norway, so I guess you could say im not local LOL :)

    14. Jenn says:

      Love it Melissa! And an online class? I’ll be signing up! Unless you come to Charlotte to visit your parents and hold one here!

    15. Padgett Hoke says:

      I really love your calligraphy! It is so inspiring! need to get back into my practicing!

    16. Jessica says:

      Gosh, I need to do the same and stop putting things on my to do list. Everything just seems like fun but then if I try to do everything then nothing is fun. One of those crazy conundrums of life, I guess.

    17. Sarah Elder says:

      love all your lettering, so beautiful! Can’t wait for the online class

    18. I would love to come to a class and September would be perfect! Please keep me posted! :)

    19. Becca Western says:

      Melissa, I’m totally interested in your calligraphy class… I’m eagerly awaiting more information!

    20. I would love to take a virtual calligraphy class. I’ve been trying to find a good one to take locally but haven’t had much luck finding one as of yet. (Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?)


    21. Em says:

      I’m definitely interested!

    22. Althea says:

      I’m getting angina waiting for this online class!! I’m dying over here!! ( no pressure of course ;-)

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