I’m Back!


The kiddos & I are back from our week with the grandparents. I’m feeling refreshed, Penelope is feeling pooped and Felix is feeling rather accomplished.

My brother-in-law just got back from a two year stint in Honduras, so most of us Esplins were in Phoenix to celebrate his safe return home. Chris couldn’t get time off work, so he held down the fort & let me galavant off to Phoenix on my own. Chris’s sister, Shelley, flew with the kiddos & me out to Phoenix, which was HUGE. It was the first time I’ve flown with two kiddos & everything went surprisingly well. I didn’t have a companion on the flight home, but we fared remarkably well considering our flight came in at 11pm.

While we were in Phoenix, we went swimming, killed a scorpion, went shopping, watched movies, ate lunch with friends, watched bob’s burgers and helped organize my youngest sister-in-law’s bedroom. Felix spent most of his time in the arms of an aunt, uncle or grandparent and Penelope spent most of her time bossing around Molly the dog. It was perfect.

We got back to a clean house (which we have now destroyed, sorry Chris!) and my new camera! I’ve spent most of the morning playing around & reading the instruction manual. Seriously, I suggest EVERYONE should read their camera’s instruction manual. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, just learn all of its ins & outs. You’ll take much better photos once you do. Promise. I’m about 90 pages into the manual & have about 210 to go, but I feel like I’ve improved immensely since I started reading. I’ll definitely be reading it through a few times.

With all of my enthusiasm, I took this opportunity to shoot some pictures of the nearly 5 month old Felix. He’s getting so big & animated now, I just love it. During our vacation, he discovered his hands & started rolling over! It’s so exciting! Now I need to teach him to hold up that behemoth head of his.

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    1. A new camera! Eep! How exciting! You take some gorgeous photos with it, or that might be the beautiful little baby you are taking photos of. :)

    2. Faith says:

      I love these pictures! How fun to have a new camera.

      And I’m glad to hear that your flights went okay; I’m flying with both kiddlets for the first time in a few weeks and I am TERRIFIED!

    3. Elizabeth E. says:

      Beautiful pictures of that baby of yours. I love the stage when they discover their hands–one of my favorites. All my babies are grown past this stage as well as most of my grandchildren, so it’s fun to see photos of this again. Sigh. Enjoy!

    4. Sandra says:

      Congratulations on your new camera! I love cameras, and I am so glad to hear that you are taking interest in reading the manual. Good things can come from that! :) Beautiful photos too!

    5. Michelle says:

      Congrats on the new camera! I cant wait to upgrade mine again, the Rebel series is started to seriously limit my capabilities!

      Anyways, Great pictures! I dont know if you’re interested in knowing more, but after I read the manual I joined this forum site called Clicking Moms (I dont know the link off by heart but I’m sure you could google it) and it is AMAZING! I learned more in one month from them then I did from reading over 15 books and manuals! No joke!

    6. Gosh he is so adorable! I totally agree about the camera manual thing — I’m still reading and re-reading mine. I can’t see spending any large-ish amount of money on something without bothering to figure out how it works!

    7. Mo says:

      Wow, what an adorable baby!

    8. tiffany says:

      hey, nathan’s brother just got back from a two year mission in chile too! he came back two weeks ago. might have been the same mission!! small world. :)

    9. Jenn says:

      Felix is SUPER cute! We don’t have kids yet, but I’m excited I’ll have a legit camera when it happens so I can capture them in great pictures like this.

    10. Tanya says:

      I really do love Bob’s Burgers. Gene is hilarious!

    11. Bellesme says:

      Gosh Felix is so cute!!! LOVE his angry face, (3rd one) =)

    12. Peggy says:

      How can you go wrong with a new camera and cute FelaMonster! He does not look like a Scott anymore! We can hardly wait to see him ( and You and Pen and Chris of course)

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