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Last night Chris & I celebrated our anniversary by going out to a nice dinner, watching the newest Harry Potter & getting away to Park City for the night. It was SO WONDERFUL to have a night and morning where we didn’t have to go anywhere, do anything or take care of anyone. We haven’t skipped town, just the two of us, since we went to Brazil in 2007.

That said, I haven’t made or done anything today, but I wanted to share a couple of things with you:

(James & Penelope are best friends – I took this sometime in 2009)

First, we named Penelope after a Pinback song. It’s a sweet song about a fish. My cousin remixed the song & put it up for your listening pleasure right here. He’s getting really good at the whole remix thing & this one sounds fabulous. He just joined Soft Science, a band out of Provo. They’ll be performing at Velour tomorrow night, if you’re wanting to support. We’ll be there, too!

(Isn’t James‘ lettering beautiful?)

Second: as a follow up to my Recycled: Fonts post, I just wanted to give you a heads up about a FABULOUS type site: Lost Type. I can’t remember how I found it – Pinterest, perhaps? But it’s incredibly designed & curated; y’all should go & download every typeface they have available. It’s the first pay-what-you-want Type Foundry, that offers gorgeous typefaces for the price you can afford. You can obviously download everything for free, but I encourage you to give these budding typists support, even if it’s a couple of bucks!! All donations go directly to the artists. My favorites are: Quaver, Duke, Tommaso and Nelma. What are yours?

Third: I’m currently enjoying my new favorite addiction: black licorice out of Finland. The lovely lady of Scissors & Spice sent me a package of that devilishly amazing black licorice. I can’t get enough, but I’m being good & only allowing myself a small piece at a time. It’s gotta last! Speaking of type; her husband, who works at House Industries, hand lettered the package she sent me. Pretty custom lettering always puts a smile on my face. So does delicious candy.

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    1. Scissors says:

      xo! I told you that stuff is top notch! They know their licorice in Scandinavia! It was sent to me by Kaisa is awesome!

    2. Chaplinnn says:

      Oh wow! Thanks for the Lost Type Co-Op links. I definitely just a bought a couple of them. :) Lovely!

    3. Have you had dutch salt licorice? Yummm. It’s part of my heritage. Possibly another part is giving the saltiest ones to the uninitiated and then all us dutch kids would laugh at them. Some serious salt in some of those! Soooo good.

    4. sweet! i was immediately drawn to nelma – so pretty.

    5. Anne says:

      ooh, fun fonts to check out – thanks for sharing!

      and happy anniversary! my hubby and i get to go on a similar date tonight – dinner & harry potter – and i’m quite excited. no kids around here, but he does work a zillion hours a week, so quite a treat. :)

    6. Yes, I love Pinback and I love that song! When I hear that song, I’ll always think of you and P now :-)

      Have you ever had Horehound candy? Horehound is an herb that has a similar taste to licorice (think root beer/licorice blend), and I grow it in my garden. I’ll post the recipe on my blog later this season (I like making weird stuff – just made Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly!).

      Anyway, happy anniversary again! My parents live two hours away, but once every-other month we meet up with them half-way and they take the kids from Friday evening to Sunday morning. It really helps my husband and I stay on track with each other. Glad you got a chance to be along with the hubs!

    7. Emily says:

      Sounds like a perfect anniversary celebration!! Did you like Harry Potter? Love the story behind Penelope’s name and that first picture. James does have great letting!!

    8. Sandra says:

      James lettering IS beautiful! Wonderful post, I love little “get-aways” with the lovie, without having to take care of anything or anyone! ;)

    9. Shelby says:

      Wow, that is so cool that you named your daughter after that song! It’s such a great song and I have loved Pinback for so long. :D Sweet remix too, I can see my husband’s head bobbing from my peripheral (he’s a DJ too).

    10. Dallan and I went to a Pinback concert back in April. It was awesome.

      Whoa! Sorry for the comment overload. I guess I have a lot to say today.


    11. christy says:

      so the third pic of your name made me think of flashdance. similar-ish lettering. what a feeling:)

    12. christy says:

      or maybe not
      idk… reminds me of an old movie or something

    13. […] can’t emphasize enough how awesome the fonts are on LostType are. I’ve talked about it before & I want everyone to know about the insane talent behind that site. Chris programmed some […]

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