Recycled: Ostrich Wedding Book


Today’s recycled post comes from a bookbinding project I did in July of 2008. My sister’s friend was getting married & her mom wanted me to bind a wedding sign-in book for the occasion. Her colors were pink & green. Jerre’a sent me the paper & fortunately it matched my green¬†ostrich¬†leather perfectly!

It’s so funny how pictures of previous projects take me back in time. Right about this time 3 years ago, I was taking care of a 3 month old Penelope & teaching bookbinding & watercolor classes for the continuing education program in Redwood City, California. We were living in Menlo Park at the time. Our summer was full of hanging out with friends, kiting, beach going & SF touring. I miss those days, but I’m so happy to be where I am right now.

It’s memories like those that make me realize how happy things are. I’ve been sort of up and down these last couple of days, so these reflections do me the world of good.

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    1. madison says:

      this is cool! i want to learn how to bind a book! i love the green leather thats on it too! its cool that you lived in California. i havent really ever lived anywhere besides utah except for Washington when i was a baby.

    2. Marissa says:

      i wish i knew you were doing classes when you were still around the ‘hood. aaack! i still hope you’ll find a reason/way/excuse to come back and do more here someday. :)

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