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Taliesin West

I’m in Phoenix for the next couple of days visiting with family & would love to meet up with you if you’re in the area! Camberley and I want to get together for lunch sometime Monday or Tuesday. Who’s with us?! Anyone’s welcome to join us, just leave a comment letting me know you’re interested in coming & I’ll email you the details.

Happy weekend!!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      When’s the next meetup in SLC? ;)

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    2. Kayla says:

      Hey, me!! I even know Cami. She was in my ward in high school.

    3. Lydia says:

      I’m down, especially on Tuesday.

    4. Tanya says:

      Melissa – I love Taliesin West! An hour or so north of Taliesin is a place called Arcosanti (a student of Wright’s) that had some amazing ideas and began to build a commune. It’s pretty run down, but worth checking out if you’re into architecture history.

    5. Jessica says:

      What!!!!! That’s so exciting! I want to come!

    6. Sandra says:

      That place looks awesome! I really wish I wasnt in Norway, ’cause I would love to lunch with you people! :)

    7. Bmerry says:


    8. amy says:

      Yes!! I can do Mon or Tues!

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