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Last weekend we had a neighborhood party & I was in charge of coming up with an activity to do with the older elementary aged kids that were going. We had a fish pond with prizes for the little ones (the older ones could participate, too) so I thought I’d do something that could apply to both the young & the older kids: styrofoam printmaking.

I did a tutorial on this a while back & I use it every once in a while. It’s an easy, low-cost, low-commitment craft that’s perfect for any age from 3+. It was a huge success & I just loved what these creative kiddos did! They’re so inspiring. I’m really feeling the urge to do some oil painting & printmaking.

I like posting these kinds of pictures (above) every once in a while. Come on, how many people actually keep their studios clean & magazine ready?? I sure don’t. I’m cooking up 4 projects simultaneously, so there’s more crud around the room than usual. Let’s keep it real around here; I’m a messy, messy person & I clean up pretty much only when I know visitors are coming. Do you do that? Chris doesn’t. He’s naturally super clean & organized. I’m going to brag: just last night he mopped the floors & did all the dishes while I was at my cousin’s bridal shower. I hadn’t touched the dishes since we got back from Phoenix last Thursday. That’s what sweet nothings are for, right?

Currently, I’ve got some calligraphy, mending, decorating, designing, cleaning, leather crafting & refashioning to do. I will be so proud of myself if I get it finished in the next week.

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    1. Sandra says:

      Oh that sounds just like me!! I do clean up when I know people are coming. And if I do clean the house, and it looks spotless, I normally snap a photo, just to show that I actually did it LOL

      I love your studio, even if it is messy, it’s got soul!

    2. Sandra says:

      Oh, and that printidèa of yours is brilliant! :))

    3. jen says:

      oh, i am so totally with you girl…i am a messy chick at heart and also really only clean when friends are coming. EXCEPT at the moment, with three weeks of my pregnancy to go i am trying to keep it mint so that i am not totally embarassed with the crudiness of my house when the influx of midwives, visitors etc arrive! Hehe! My mum always said…a tidy house is a sign of a wasted life…i am sticking to this philosophy!!!

    4. Deanna says:

      I love the pic of your well used studio and your cute baby!

    5. Amy says:

      Big fat huge high 5 to you for being real!!! One of my FINISHED projects is still hanging around on my easel, not on the wall, and the drop cloth is still underneath it. Yeah, I should probably put that away. Tomorrow.


    6. Heidi says:

      Your husband sounds like my brother in law. It must be nice. ;)
      When the weather’s hot our place is a mess, I’d rather get out and enjoy the beach. Otherwise I try to keep it neat for fear that one of my super clean relatives might stop by unexpected. BTW, the closest relatives live 2 hours away. And it’s happened before and almost happened again a few weeks ago. They’re the “I don’t want to be a hassle” types but man, a 10 minute warning would be nice! Regardless, I do love to see them!

    7. Shaela says:

      bwahahaha, I am messy too! I mean, I clean the bathrooms twice a week and sweep and mop and vacuum at least once a week, but I am a cluttered person. My hubby is the neat freak so I know it drives him crazy.

    8. Alysa says:

      Just stopped by a friends house the other night who has a 5 year old and 1 1/2 year old twins. She apologized for her messy house; I told her not to worry about it and that I’d be e-mailing her my ‘messy house’ photos that evening. I’m all about keeping it real too! Thanks for sharing. This post will make my friend laugh, and hopefully send a bit of encouragement her way too! :)

    9. Awe Melissa this is mere child’s play. I would not, could not in a box or with a fox post a picture of my studio. I will spare…the world!!!! LOL My studio has a headboard I’m upholstering (in slow motion) and a full size boxspring. Lots of dryer lint. And thats just the tip of the iceberg….

    10. Ha! That’s my whole house! I have a 3yr old and 16 month old and they get into everything and leave it every where they go… But that’s just how life is and we can’t all have show houses.
      I’ve got so many projects going on too but I actually like it that way cause I get bored fairly quickly.
      Love the blog and outfits! xo

    11. Ha!%20That’s%20my%20whole%20house!%20I%20have%20a%203yr%20old%20and%2016%20month%20old%20and%20they%20get%20into%20everything%20and%20leave%20it%20every%20where%20they%20go…%20But%20that’s%20just%20how%20life%20is%20and%20we%20can’t%20all%20have%20show%20houses.%20

    12. Laurel G says:

      I am the same way. Im not a ‘dirty’ person, but I don’t clean up as much as I should. My husband isn’t any help at all though… glad your hubby helps out!

    13. Stephanie k says:

      I absolutely LOVE this craft room! Its identical to mine as far as the mess goes but that means that we’re creating! (and mothering) I love the Styrofoam printing. My kids are wild about stamping so its perfect. thanks for the idea! and keep posting pics of the craft room! lol. now we know you’re human ;)

    14. angel says:

      Is it bad that I don’t think the room looks that bad??????

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