Recycle Week: Leather Booties


This last weekend was nuts. It was full of family events & a big photoshoot. Right after the photoshoot, I uploaded my photos just in time for someone to take the D200 off my hands. PHEW! I’ve now ordered my new camera, so I’m just waiting for it in the mail. I’m sure it would’ve been smarter to order the camera before I sold it, but whatever. It would’ve also been smarter to have the camera shipped to Arizona, which is where I’ll be when it will arrive on my door step. I can totally survive a week and a half without a camera, right?


Since I’ll be without a camera & going out of town Thursday through most of next week, I’m going to do a recycle series! I’ve been blogging for 4 years this summer, so I thought I’d re-post some oldies you may not have seen before.


I made & blogged about these booties before Chris bought me my own domain, so you won’t see them on any posts here on I made these back in the summer of ’07 for a friend of mine who has a little girl just 6 months older than Penelope. I used Heather Bailey’s bitty booties pattern with leather I had lying around. I punched & sewed everything by hand, which took forever. It was still worth it.

I made more of these booties in felt & leather that I later blogged about on this blog. I think I should make a pair of these for Felix sometime soon. I think white leather would be a good call.


Hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend!! What did you do?

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    1. this is great! I especially love the felt ones. This project is one of the things on my handmade to do list…that I never got on the done list…haha

    2. madison says:

      oh my goodness these are sooo adorable!! i wish i could make booties especially out of leather! i have been wanting to try stuff with leather. so cute!

    3. Bmerry says:

      I spent lots of time in the pool, the hot tub, and the sun trying to dry out this poison ivy!

    4. what a great idea for a crafty baby shower gift! definitely keeping it for when someone i really like gets knocked up, because i totally want make them for someone i just sort of like.

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