Stained Shirt Refashion


As I mentioned earlier, I unfortunately lost one of my favorite shirts to a very obvious chest stain. It was quite sad. However, the color of the top & the sweet beaded shoulder details reminded me of something feminine about the Minikin Tutus. So, I made a little bow skirt for Penelope. Here’s the before:

I loved how simple this jersey top was. I got it at H&M in New York for $10. I also loved the beading on the shoulders. I deconstructed the beading (with the help of Jill – that part was rather time-consuming) and attached it to the bottom of Penelope’s new skirt.

Et voila! I did this refashion in under 20 minutes (minus the beading) using my adjustable bow skirt technique. It was incredibly easy & really fun. Penelope loves that she has two new twirly skirts in her closet! I like it, too. She’s outgrowing a lot of her skirts, and most of them are just glorified bum covers. It’s nice that she’ll have a couple of skirts she’ll be able to wear for some time.

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    1. Emily says:

      Great save! Love your descriptions. ha. :)

    2. Adorable. I love the pink!
      I used an old tee to make my own t-shirt extender this week:

    3. Suzzie says:

      wow! That’s awesome. It looks great on her :)

    4. Rebecca says:

      I definitely need to try this for my niece. She’ll only wear skirts or dresses, so I think she’d love something like this!

      Rebecca {hearts} SLC

    5. Sandra says:

      That is really clever! Such a great way to re-use that t-shirt! :)

    6. Juliana says:

      cute, cute! (and it makes me smile because if you look carefully, you can see her tiny dark panties :) ….hope that isn’t too creepy to write on here. feel free to remove this if it is!

    7. Miss P. is seriously so spunky! I adore her. At lunch (at your in-laws) she was the perfect combination of sass & sweets.

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