Dyed Handmade Summer Cover-up


I can’t wait for fall. It rained last night so I’m already busting out the fall color tones.

  • earrings: Payless, won from a giveaway
  • necklace: Vintage Oddity, $18
  • cardigan: some boutique, $15
  • tank: handmade + hand-dyed, $2
  • belt: Ruche, $15
  • jeggings: H&M, $15
  • shoes: thrifted, $5

TOTAL: $70

I can’t believe I can actually braid my hair now. It’s getting really long, but I still have about 4 inches until I’m at my goal length. It’s a little nuts that 4 years ago I buzzed it all off.

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    1. madison says:

      cute!! i love the color combo and you did a really great job on the tank! im also trying to grow my hair out…it takes forever!

    2. Camila Faria says:

      Love this cute outfit! The belt and the shoes are perfect!

    3. Bellesme says:

      Love its color and the colors of your outfit!

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