Handmade Paper Bag Skirt


I made two of these skirts a couple months ago. The first one was for my sister’s birthday present and after I made hers; I was a bit envious. I had to make one for me! The hem (unpictured) was just a satin stitch all the way around. I had to be pretty careful sewing the satin stitch, but I think it still was faster than if I had done a traditional hem.

Also, the fabric is completely sheer, so I doubled it up. I like how the stripes move & play with each other since the fabric is so transparent.

I made this skirt exactly how I made my Easter skirt. It was super simple & took about 30 minutes to make from beginning to end.

This skirt is a very unexpected color pallette for my wardrobe. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to the fabric, perhaps it was my subconscious telling me that I needed something different in my wardrobe. I bought the  fabric on clearance at Walmart (gasp) for $1 a yard. I made two skirts for $2. Not including my time, I can’t even find skirts at my local DI for that little.

This outfit cost under $10, see outfit details here.

This weekend we partied in Provo & listened to my cousin perform. He’s fantastic. Their band is fantastic. I was impressed by James’s percussive skills on the Ableton pads & the lead singer’s vocals. Here’s a little clip of some video I took at the show. And, yes, I’m totally having a blast playing around with my new camera.

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    1. Suzzie says:

      Your skirt is adorable!! Looking back to see how you made it. I love the stripes too. They look great with that shirt.

    2. Shari says:

      Love your skirt!

    3. Amy says:

      So cute Melissa! I love the color of the stripes- green is really in right now- at least I’m feeling green a lot lately!

    4. I may try making one of these skirts as my first “from scratch” clothing sewing experiment.

      Also, Keighley and I are constantly buying the $5 bolts of fabric from Walmart. You can always find hidden gems there.


    5. Tània says:

      Love your glasses and your shoes!


    6. Miss B. says:

      So darn cute! I haven’t pulled out my sewing machine in ages. Every time I see your crafty posts I want to start making a new wardrobe!


      Miss B.

    7. Canales says:

      – well, thanks for connmetimg! Ah… I love that recipe! I’m glad you like the muffins too.@Melissa – Thanks. I’m really glad it turned out a pencil skirt, actually. Polka dot gathered skirt may be too cutesy for an adult :)

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