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I’ve been doing a lot of calligraphy recently – lots of gifts for people. It’s been loads of fun! I thought I’d share these with you.

I took my sweet time lettering this one, but I love how it turned out. Typically I center all of my text, but due to the length of the quote, I decided to left justify it. This baby is en route to Australia. It’s rather sweet. I might have to copy this for Felix & Penelope’s room.

I love this quote. This was commissioned by Alma, for her husband who loves all things Jimmy Stewart. She wanted to surprise him with something for the anniversary of getting engaged. Isn’t that so thoughtful? He was truly surprised.

I didn’t use any guides for this quote since it was rather short, but I did practice it a few times. In fact, the plain white version on rough watercolor paper is at home with me. I’m tempted to paint it & hang it in our kitchen or something. Our kitchen needs serious decor help.

If you’re interested in calligraphy (digital or analog), feel free to shoot me an email! I’d be happy to do something for you. ALSO, there’s one more spot left for next month’s calligraphy class!! Hurry & register if you’ve been thinking about it.

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    1. meredith says:

      love that quote from “it’s a wonderful life” it’s one of my fave movies. if i had your skills, my whole house would be one giant calligraphy palace. so so pretty.

    2. yay! i just booked the class! thrilled to learn this stuff from the master!

    3. valerie says:

      I would LOVE to take a class, but living in DC wont make that happen.. But your stuff is always beautiful!

    4. awesome job i could never do that!

    5. Kimber says:

      ugh! Your calligraphy is always SO drool worthy! It’s utterly gorgeous!

    6. Kayla says:

      My sister is having a baby girl in October (the first girl in our family!)…I’m definitely going to commission a little something for her after she’s born! I’m glad you said something or I wouldn’t have thought of it. Perfect baby gift.

    7. Candice says:

      That is so pretty! I love the way calligraphy makes anything look so classically stylish and romantic! Great job!

    8. Sandra says:

      Oh my, you’ve got an email coming! I love your writing, it is seriously so amazing!

    9. jina says:

      Love these! I wish I could learn from you too… but I’m too far away. One question… where is the first quote from? Was it something you found or the commissioning family?

    10. Marissa says:

      these are great. i especially love the “it’s a wonderful life” quote. i heart that film right down to my core.

    11. ema says:

      i would like to know what fonts you would commend as guides for practicing calligraphy :) are there fonts that aren´t really good for using as guides or can i choose whatever font i like ?



    12. I especially love the quote about the child. that is so amazing and powerful.

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