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Here are a couple more projects that I dyed with Rit Dye. I still need to post details about our little party, but I have to finish one more thing before I do that; la pièce de résistance. Can’t wait.

outfit details here

There’s no before of this top, but the yellow background was originally white & it was HUGE. I dyed it yellow & took it in using one of my favorite tees as a template. The yellow is a big improvement. I feel like it makes the top look 30 years younger. I LOVE this length of sleeve & I want to ask y’all – WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND?!? Cap sleeved stuff is everywhere, 3/4 length sleeve is everywhere, but where the hell is the half sleeve? It’s way more flattering than the cap & not nearly as stuffy in summer as the 3/4 sleeve. I might feel a little passionate about the subject. Asos knows where it’s at.

outfit details here

I did it. I dyed my swim cover-up. A few of you told me not to, but I feel like this looks more like a professionally made article of clothing now that it’s not white. Also, I’m not nearly as afraid of wearing it now that it’s not bright white. I’m notoriously horrible with white. For more pictures of each item & outfit details, check out the fashion blog.

Dye courtesy of Rit Dye.

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    1. These look great! Love using RIT Dye. Always improves an old piece of clothing.

    2. Jill De Haan says:

      Such a hit!! That was so much fun- and a total success! I LOVE your swimsuit cover and especially that you did it in the hombre style. So cute!

    3. stefanie says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, despite being an all-the-time reader, but I have to second that emotion re: sleeve length. There were some glory days, it seems, in the early 90s, maybe, but cruelly, the clothes are all terrible with the ideal sleeve length. Why?!

    4. Emily says:

      So clever to dye your shirt!! LOVE it now. I agree that half sleeves are so much more flattering; especially lately with the state of my arms. haha. Anyway, love how fun your orange cover up is. Did you also dye that skirt? I used dye for the first time last week and was hoping my blanket would end up the color of your skirt. It did, until I washed it. Boo.

    5. Libby says:

      Love that yellow top. so cute. and i concur with the sleeve length issue. blerg to all of the weirdo t-shirt designers out there!!

    6. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are all the shirts with half sleeves????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also heart RIT dye. :) I once saw an awesome navy blue cardigan with red screen printed hearts at Pac Sun so I did what I do… I dyed a off white cardigan navy blue and attempted to fabric paint little red hearts all over it. The dying part went well unfortunately the hearts were a fail. I was heart broken.

    7. Love the way both turned out! Good choice on the second one — I’m perpetually afraid of spilling things on white, too. Where did you get those shoes in the second photo? They’re really cute!

    8. Bmerry says:

      I have a summer aversion to sleeves.

    9. Having been one of the people who told you not to dye the swim coverup, I’m glad you did. It looks fantastic. :)

    10. Shelby says:

      I love your post and I love your blog so I hate to do this, but I speak French and I love French, so…. the word “pièce” is feminine, so it’s “la pièce de résistance”. If ever in doubt, is a great resource. Once again, sorry to be *that* person…

    11. whit says:

      i totally agree about the half sleeve…love it!

    12. Jessica says:

      Dang! I wish I had your skills!

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