Thrifty & Chic: Ceramic Giraffe


When my friend, Karisa, was pregnant with her first, we went to the Jonathan Adler store in San Francisco (we were living just a few minutes south at the time). This was my first time ever being in one of his stores & ultimately my very first exposure to his designs. I. LOVE. Jonathan Adler. Karisa showed me the sweet giraffe lamp, I’m pretty sure both of us went comatose just day dreaming about how adorable that would be in a little boy’s nursery. Fast forward almost 3 years & I’m still haunted by all that ceramic Giraffe loveliness.

Truly, I wish I could decorate my entire house from top to bottom with Jonathan Adler, but that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future.  I have yet to discover my “money tree”. While out & about last Saturday I found this flat white ceramic giraffe staring me down at the thrift store. It was $3. I had to have it & I think it looks absolutely adorable on our coffee table next to the peace sign (which we got as a white elephant gift – but I love it!).

Have you found any good deals lately? My aunt scored some adorable red cowgirl boots for my cousin – the tassles just kill me! Ellen found a killer window for $10 – the top is just gorgeous. Holli found an adorable ’60s dress – those flowers! And Kalleen practically thrifted her kids’ entire back-to-school wardrobe – most outfits under $10! Please share links to your thrifty finds in the comments! Happy weekend.

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    1. LOVE the giraffe! This is what I found this week:
      Also I got this vintage sheet in the picture for only $1 but it has thrilled me beyond belief bc it went so well with the rug:

    2. Jodie says:

      that giraffe is divine!!!

    3. Linka says:

      That giraffe is amazing!

    4. Annie says:

      Did you hear a shriek at the Murray D.I. Saturday? That was when Whitney found an even cooler – if that is possible – pair of red cowboy boots. She is equally excited about the dainty white eyelet jumper, another dress, and a sweater. Oh, and did I mention – she actually went to D.I. because she needed a pair of khaki’s for work? She found a pair of Hollister Khakis that just needed a little reduction in the bootcut width at the bottom. All in all an amazing thrift weekend!

    5. Amy says:

      Karisa is a dear friend of mine! I just adore her so this was an extra fun post for me to read! She is actually going in tomorrow (the 30th) to be induced with her second baby – a girl!

    6. Bmerry says:

      I have a ceramic buying problem.

    7. Michelle says:

      oh I adore that girraffe! lukcy woman..
      i went to the Boise D.I. today and found myself a few goodies!
      seriously… what would we do without the freakin D.I.

    8. […] exchange. The succulent I found at Lowe’s as well as the cork round. The Giraffe was a thrifty & chic […]

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