Thrifty & Chic: Grandpa Sweaters


Ever since I found out I was having a boy, I’ve been on the look out for little handmade sweaters for Felix. My cousin-in-law has made a few for Felix, but can one ever have enough sweaters?!? No.

I don’t remember which DI I found this at, but I do remember squealing with delight upon finding it! Handmade sweaters are paI LOVE the color combination and the pattern on the edges. I’m almost 100% sure that this is handmade, there are no tags identifying that it’s not and you can see (if you look carefully) where the yarn starts & stops.

I scored this beauty for $2. Of course the baby was a little more than that. I love his smiley angry face. This little boy has me wrapped around his little fingers.

Have I mentioned that he’s a chunk? Yesterday I had to take Penelope to the doc’s office & we parked in the absolute worst place ever. I ended up carrying Felix in his carrier (nearly 30lbs combined) in one arm & Penelope (35 lbs) in the other for at least a quarter mile. Yeah, yeah, that’s notthat far, BUT I was in semi-uncomfortable wedges hauling 60lbs of kid through gravel! It was enough to get me swearing. I have arm bruises from Felix’s carrier to prove it.

SO, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Thrifty & Chic. What great deals have you scored lately? Please share (with links!) in the comments! ALSOif you’re lucky enough to be going to Sewing Summit in SLC this October, I’m heading up a special thrift shopping excursion for attendees. Come thrift shopping with me & score some sweet vintage/thrifty items from one-of-a-kind shops! Many of the stores we’ll be hitting up will be offering attendees exclusive discounts. HOT. You going?!?


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    1. Marissa says:

      Felix is a bundle of chunky goodness!

    2. Suzzie says:

      woah! that is a lot of weight to carry in super cute wedges! Your rock as a mom!

    3. I think about that every time I haul my kids around like that. Few things are as cumbersome as baby carriers! OK so what have I scored lately? Why Im so glad you asked!
      2 side tables but I had a little DIY going on. Ive since changed the color to a more creamy yellow -less orange-yellow. major improvement. also the houndstooth skirt, 2 pr of old navy skinny jeans

      the following link explains in detail my plan. muahaha

      A pair of marimekko-ESQUE pillow cases
      enjoy. :)

    4. Christina says:

      Of course he’s got you wrapped around his little fingers — boys love their mommas!

      I recently got a Fisher-Price tape player from the 80s for 25 cents! And a pair of Polo jeans with tags on ($100!!!) for $5. Bonus, they make me look great from the back and were a size smaller than I usually wear : )

    5. He is so stinkin’ cute! I love his chubby little hands.

    6. Shaela says:

      SUPER cute sweater!! I packed up all our sweaters last year until we move away from Vegas, since it’s never chilly enough for them here, haha. My uber-exciting score was 18 hardbound Value Tale books for $8, woohoo!! :)

    7. abby says:

      Cute sweater for Felix! I love it when I actually find something I are looking for.

      I have found tons of great kids things lately. I LOVE it when I find classic toys and books!

      And I also found a ton of bakers twine at a yard sale. I am so excited with this find!

    8. Heather HS says:

      I had a great thrift shopping trip two weeks ago… a couple of shirts, two pairs of jeans, but the absolute best was a beautiful, fennel green Le Creuset Dutch Oven for only $20!!! These things sell for around $250. SCORE!

    9. Alysa says:

      Can you knit? If yes, you could make Felix this cuteeee baby sweater:

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