Thrifty & Chic: Look-A-Likes


I found these shoes at the thrift store last week for $5. They’re sort of old granny shoes, but their leather details & comfiness were just screaming at me to buy them. I’ve worn them so many times since!!

Funny, while losing myself in Pinterest last night, I stumbled across some seychelles pinned by Joy. They look oh so similar. I do wish these babies had the dainty heel, but you won’t hear me complaining. I only paid 7% of what the Seychelles are going for.

Laura found Marimekko look-a-like pillow cases for $1.50, Abby found a Thomas the train set for $10, and Shaela found a hardbound Value Tale set for $8!

What great deals have you found lately? Please share in the comments below! (links welcome)

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    1. Kalleen says:

      We just finished our back to school shopping. Lot’s of thifting involved.

    2. Holli says:

      Love the sandals! I found a fabulous 60’s dress, vintage suitcase and an old globe…I can’t get enough of thrift stores!

    3. laura says:

      I have some so similar to those, and I also love them, super practical and a little something special

    4. I don’t think they’re granny shoes– I think they’re awesome (perhaps I lean toward comfort being in NYC;)! Great Find!

    5. Abby says:

      I don’t think your shoes are “granny like.” I think that they are cute!! Maybe that makes me granny like. Ha! Thanks for the link love.

    6. jasmine says:

      Cutest shoes ever! What a find!

    7. Bmerry says:

      i’m wearing some $7 Seychelles right now! And if I could find a picture (but they are so out of date that I can’t), you would see that they are strappy, irridescent pink heels.

    8. Laura chavous says:

      Melissa your shoes are incredibly cute. And you are awesome. Just saying. ;)

    9. okay these are so cute i love them! i have wanted a pair of leather sandals. great buy : )

    10. Joy says:

      I LOVE these!!! I think they’re better without the heel, too. Oh, I wish I could find some in my size. (7.5 if you ever find another pair!) :-)

    11. fathima says:

      Love these! Saw some similar ones in a local retail store a while ago, but they were already sold out of my size. Boy was I bummed. Yours are way better though! And for that price! Nice find :)

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