An Old Sweater + An Old Blanket


Over the weekend I refashioned an old yellow cable knit sweater & an unused blanket into a bolster pillow for the bed. It was fast, easy & cost next to nothing. 

I was inspired by Susan’s gorgeous cable knit pillows and while my pillow isn’t nearly as stunning – that large scale is gorgeous – my attempt was practically free. I rolled up an old fuzzy blanket that we got for our wedding & never use and snagged the brightest yellow cable knit sweater I could find at DI and covered the old blanket. It’s a bit lumpier than if I’d used a down bolster form, but I repurposed instead.

Now I can consider my bed fully dressed. If it were up to Chris we’d have only two pillows on there, but I feel the need for a perfect 7. Also, the three in front are all repurposed handmade sweater pillows. Kind of adds a cozy component to the bed. You can see details of each pillow here: blue sweater pillow, orange sweater pillow.

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    1. Jessica says:

      supercute pillows. I want to know where you go that quilt!

    2. I love the quilt on your bed! Was that a thrift store find?

    3. Maddie says:

      So cute! And so creative! I love the colors in your bed!

    4. Melissa says:

      Thanks @Jessica & @Camberley!!

      I found the quilt at Urban Outfitters. It was definitely a splurge for me (considering I’m a super cheapster), but so worth it!

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