Best Friends Forever


Just finished this quote today: Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. I did this for an anniversary gift. I guess this is from a Jason Mraz song. Don’t listen to his music, but I can totally relate to the quote.

I constantly think about how lucky I am to have married my best friend.

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    1. Oh I need this. Just beautiful.

    2. Melanie says:

      Is it possible to buy some of your art like this one? I married my high school crush and would love your handwritting on my wall :)


      Mélanie from Québec

    3. This is adorable. I also love the quote ” you have my whole heart, for my whole life”
      It fits so well with a wedding gift or anniversary as well. Come visit my website and tell me what you think I am new on the blog block

    4. wow. so lovely. i want to learn calligraphy so bad!

    5. bmerry says:

      I’m going to do the same thing! Yay wedding brain!

    6. Sarah Jane says:

      I’m laughing so much at the fact that you’ve never heard that song. That just shows how cool you are. No run of the mill, mainstream music for you! Ha! Such a cute quote and design. Love.

    7. FOZZY says:

      I love looking at your lettering and crafts :) I so wish there were more resources for materials here in the Philippines.

      What paper do you use?

    8. FOZZY says:

      i love looking at your calligraphy and craft posts. i so wish there were more resources here in the Philippines for those things…

      oh, that torn paper edging looks really pretty :) what paper do you use?

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