Granny Vest Before & After


What is up with me & granny stuff lately? I found this in Phoenix a couple of months ago, I even refashioned it about a month ago & haven’t worn it (until yesterday)¬†or¬†shared it with you. I don’t know what about this vest that attracted me to it. Perhaps it was the delicate eyelet lace & the eyelet pinstripes down the front. Who knows. For some reason I had a very Ruche-worthy vision in my head at the time I bought it.

I didn’t do much besides take in the sides about 2 inches. It’s a much needed improvement, but I think most of the transformation is in the styling.

I haven’t worn it mostly because it’s been too darned hot to wear more layers than necessary. Since it was cooler yesterday, I had to give it a go.

I don’t think I’ll be pairing this baby without the belt anytime soon, but I like it for some strange reason. I feel like when paired with the cowl, it adds a lot more volume to my bust – not necessarily a bad thing for a girl of my proportions.

I am tempted to make the back more of a racer-back rather than keeping it plain jane sleeveless. I think that might add a bit more style to the piece. What do you think? Should I make it a racerback?

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    1. abby rutt says:

      i vote racerback!

    2. Jaime I. says:

      I second the racerback, but I think the vest paired with this shirt is a great look! And I have to add that I’m a lady of similar proportions, so I love a good cowl neck or even a bit of ruching to add a bit of volume on a top. :)

    3. Ellen says:

      definitely make it a racerback.

    4. Shaela says:

      the racerback would be cute. Did you remove the dye from it, or is the before picture under different light so it looks yellow?

    5. Erica says:

      I love how you paired this vest! I would have looked at it and thought “uhh….” Looks great with the green shirt and gold belt!

      North Meets South

    6. Amy says:

      Oh my gosh I love it!!! It’s VERY cute! I hear ya about the too hot thing. I miss my cardis but it’s just too hot. Ugh. Can’t wait for 75 degree temps.

    7. Jenn says:

      Super cute! I think it’d look good as a racerback. Either way. I wish I had similar vision for the things I find at the thrift store!

    8. quinn says:

      totally for the racerback style…go for it!

    9. Heidi says:

      I think it looks good as is, but racerback might be more freeing. I love, love, love this get-up! If you don’t mind me asking, where are the pants from? Been looking for something similar . . .

    10. Racerback! Great idea!

    11. How cute is that?!!!! Id leave it just like it is! Looks grrrreat. Very Ruche indeed. :)

    12. Michelle says:

      i freakin love this!! so cute.. me want :)
      good job on it!

    13. Sarah Jane says:

      So gorgeous. Love me some gramma clothes.

    14. Jessica says:

      I LOVE it! racerback or no. Love love love!

    15. Anna @ IHOD says:

      You are just a gorgeous mama. I love this whole combo. I love getting ideas on how to change things up. This vest is super cute! And of course being an accessories girl, I am loving those earrings!

    16. CK says:

      Wow, you make that look GOOD ;)

    17. Racerback that baby! So cute. And I love those wide legged trouser jeans. Mhmm.

    18. Rachel says:

      Yeah racerback all the way!

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