Life Is Good!


We had a great weekend! I hung out with my sisters, taught the second calligraphy class this month & cuddled tons with the kiddos in bed.

Saturday night/Sunday morning was tough. Penelope woke up screaming at about 3am & would not¬†calm down. Chris got her, but couldn’t calm her down so I went downstairs, got her and wrapped her in a big wool blanket next to me in bed. Thing about sleeping with your kids: it’s fun to cuddle, but there’s little to no sleep when you’ve got a squirmy space heater next to you. Felix slept right through all of Penelope’s trauma, but then had some trauma of his own at about 4:30am. Now Chris and I were really pooped and had both¬†kiddos in the bed with us. We were both super wasted at church, so thankfully the Sunday nap came to rescue us from our kiddo hangover.

Life is still good, though. Penelope’s hilariously cute & Felix is still as happy and chubby as ever. These next two weeks are going to be a bit insane with design deadlines & preparation for Sewing Summit. I’ve got some fun posts coming up; but for the most part I’m taking it easy in preparation for my refashion class. Anyone going to Sewing Summit with me?

I did the above calligraphy project for a girl that I used to take ballet with. I painted these letters by hand – since the scale was a bit large for my very detailed pen. Love how the paint is uneven. Adds a lot of personality & texture to it.

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    1. Kimber says:

      Sorry to hear about your crazy Saturday night but class was everything i was hoping it to be and more! can’t wait to practice more! Thanks again for having it!

    2. Your blog is beautiful. I love your printables. Stop by and say hello…we featured your blog today:

    3. Your%20blog%20is%20beautiful.%20I%20love%20your%20printables.%20Stop%20by%20and%20say%20hello…

    4. We featured your blog today! It is beautiful. It is great to connect with you.

    5. Christina says:

      So…when will you be doing a calligraphy class in the Phoenix area? Can I be at the top of the list? I’ve given my husband plenty of preparation for the inevitability of me taking your class someday, there’s just a location issue!

      (do you like how I ask when and not if? The power of positive thinking, I hope…)

    6. Shaela says:

      beautiful caligraphy job – and sorry about the kiddos! glad you got a nap though :)

    7. Are you selling these?

    8. Oh darling. I hear you. I’ve been there SO many times myself. Just this week, actually (fall has really kicked in here in the Northeast and we’ve all got head colds). Between that, work, trying to put up the harvest, etc., it really gets to you! Good news is I have my first public food/cooking demo this afternoon, then my hubs and I are going out for dinner and a concert. Yippee! Keeping you in my thoughts and sending sweet slumber (for everyone!) your way.

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