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I just did this for Pam. I can’t tell you how nerve-wracking it was to do this! She sent me the print (found here – love this girl’s shop. We were in the same painting & drawing program in college) & had me letter her wedding info on top.

Thankfully, Ashley prints her artwork on the best paper ever (moab 100% rag 300GSM) so I had no problem with the nib skipping or the ink bleeding. Phew! But I did have to practice on a couple of sheets of paper before feeling comfortable attempting it on the real deal.

I’m going to be delivering this to Pam tonight on my way to Creative Collaborative (if you’re in SLC & want a ride, lemme know). Can’t wait! Also, I still have room in my September 24th class, sign up here. No worries if you’re not local. Sign up here to receive email updates for the online class.


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    1. linda says:

      I love this unique wedding announcement. The artwork is so personal, and your calligraphed message enhances it nicely. Well done, as always.

    2. Sunshine says:

      nice post. Could there be any relevance for Facebook? Would Sharing or “Linking” be useful for this post?

    3. pamela says:

      a huge {THANK YOU} is in order, Melissa. I am just over the moon.

    4. natalie says:

      that is so amazing. i love it. you did so great, oh man i love your lettering.

      i am off to check out that shop.

    5. Angela says:

      OOooh, love her temple paintings. I have her print of the Mesa Temple. It’s the first time I’ve bought any artwork of the Mesa temple (even though I’ve been looking for seven years!) because everything else I’ve found seems so cheesey. And your calligraphy goes perfectly with it! What a lovely idea.

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