Penelope & Felix Shared Nursery


PHOTODUMP!! I took about 70 pictures yesterday with Penelope at my side. I just recently gave her our 6 year old coolpix point & shoot to use at her disposal & she loves it. She looked so grown up, snapping away at her room. I had to snap this little portrait of her. I thought the lighting was perfect on her.

So, would you like a tour of Penelope & Felix’s shared space? I’ll do my best to cite all of the sources for everything, but if you find I’ve missed something, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Here’s Penelope reviewing her shot of Felix’s crib. So cute.

Here’s what her bedroom looked like before Felix moved in with her. GROSS & unfinished. We were playing around with different bedding options for Penelope before we decided a toddler bed was best.

Let’s start on Penelope’s side.

  • Pillowcase: vintage, gift from Dani
  • Small bolster & teal blanket: Little Giraffe, from BlogHer ’09
  • Park City Teddy Bear: gift from my grandparents when I was 2
  • Quilt: handmade by my mom, gift
  • Bedframe: Ikea, $90

  • Rocking chair: from Caitlin, $90
  • Watercolor: mine
  • Growth chart: Petite Lemon*
  • Mirror: Thrifted + spraypainted, $2

  • Knit wool blanket: handmade by my cousin
  • Teddy bear: gift
  • Pillows handmade by me (left, right)

  • Peacock print: A Vintage Poster*
  • Frame: Michaels + spraypainted, $10
  • Trash can: Ikea, $25 – this is where her toys hide
  • Night stand: hand-me-down from mom & repainted
  • Dinos: Walmart + spraypainted, $2
  • Book basket: thrifted, $1
  • Dachshund lamp: won from a Clever Tomato giveaway
  • Rug: Urban Outfitters, $50
  • Curtains: Ikea, $15

I really need to get a pic of Felix up there. Stat.

  • Frames: thrifted + spraypainted, $1.50
  • Painting: mine
  • Shelf: Ikea, $6

  • Chairs: Ikea, $30
  • Trash can: Ikea, $25
  • Wooden bead roller coaster: Ikea, $8
  • Charley Harper Blocks: gift from mother-in-law
  • Puzzle & piano: gift from mom
  • Ball vacuum toy: thrifted, $1
  • Love Poster: won on Made By Girl giveaway
  • Frames: Ikea, Michaels + thrifted, $26

  • Felix’s crib: hand-me-down
  • Elephant print: A Vintage Poster*
  • Frame: Michaels, $10
  • Bear: gift
  • Yellow bed sheet: vintage, gift from Dani
  • Blanket: Chris’s old baby blanket
  • Mobile: handmade by me

 So, there you have it: Felix & Penelope’s room is COMPLETE and for just under $400 total. This total includes everything we’ve ever spent on this room. NOT BAD, eh? Penelope does a fantastic job of making big messes in here, but now that it’s all decorated it’s somehow easier to clean. Do you find that way about finished rooms?

I love that there’s a lot of sentimental furniture, decorations & toys in this room. It certainly adds a lot to the personality & feeling of love that I want in my home. What do you think? How do you decorate with love?

For comparison, this is what Penelope’s bedroom looked like at our old place.

*Peacock & Elephant posters provided by A Vintage Poster. Growth Chart provided by Petite Lemon.

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    1. anonymous says:

      want the same color wall for our nursery? may i ask what it is?

    2. Leanne says:

      The nursery turned out beautiful. I love all the special things you made for it. I’m glad I was able to see a couple of those creations in real life. You’re so talented.

    3. Meg says:

      I have a question: Does your son sleep in the room with your daughter? If so, does he wake her up?
      I’m just trying to figure out our room situation. We’re moving in December and can’t find many 3 bedroom apartments that are affordable..So we’re wondering if we can do a 2 bedroom. Our daughter is 18 months now (will be 21 months in December) and our son is 2 months now (will be 5 months in December).

    4. so cute melissa! i really love the way their room turned out. lots of good, inexpensive ideas for decorating in here too — the spray-painted frames really pop.

    5. Wow, this is one of the best shared rooms I’ve ever seen. I love the colors and all the art on the walls. So inspiring! Xo, Katie

    6. moxiemandie says:

      I SO love it! Not a color combo that I’d proabably ever think of but it’s amazing, and perfect for a boy/girl room! You have such a great eye for sweet details!

    7. Shaela says:

      very cute!! love the colors :)

    8. Gabrielle says:

      Ok I LOVE their room!! So cute

    9. Well done, Melissa! It looks great. I love the colors.

    10. Emily says:

      What a cheery and fun room! Love the yellow dachshund by the dinosaurs. :)

    11. Elaine says:


    12. meredith says:

      i love that they share, mama needs her studio:) such an awesome shared space!

    13. Love all the little touches – the spray painted dinos, the yellow pulls, the adorable name posters, love it all. I love to see shared rooms, too!

    14. angie says:

      cutteee! penelope’s bed is adorable. love the whole color scheme you have for their room. :-)

    15. Melanie says:

      I would also like to have the name and the brand of the orange/pink color. I’m pregnant with my first and I would also like a room perfect for the next one if there is a next one ;)
      Thank you!

    16. Melissa says:

      Since we’re renting – I have NO CLUE what kind of paint this is. It’s a really cheap paint that’s used through out our house. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it even if I knew. It’s a flat paint that scuffs like crazy & rubs off if you try to clean it. Sorry @ANONYMOUS & @ MELANIE!

    17. Christina says:

      I loved it: it’s so cozy and warm! And all the beautiful things that you’ve made… My daughter’s room is still work in progress, but we opted for more yellowish colours as well, already thinking that in a near future she will share it with her brother or sister. I am also curious to know how is their sleep, as per @MEG’s question.

    18. Melissa says:

      @MEG @CHRISTINA – Sleep is pretty easy with them. As long as I put Penelope down first & Felix after Penelope, I don’t have any issues. We put Felix in with Penelope at about 6 months, once he was regularly sleeping through the night.

      We’ve got a baby monitor right by Felix’s crib so I can snatch him up as he wakes up as to not stir Penelope and I can also hear if Penelope’s getting into trouble. It works out alright.

    19. Stephanie says:

      Adorable! Love the bright color scheme.

    20. Sarah says:

      The old room was cute, but this is Perfect! Love the pink lemonade color scheme. Never thought of trashcans for toys, although I’m thinking those look perfect for cloth diapers. And I love that most of your stuff is hand-me-downs. We have that for our Eleanor, and it makes me happy that she has my teddy, wears my moms shoes and my dresses, and slept in a cradle almost half a century old.

    21. Wow- it looks great!:) I love the color scheme and the fact that this is a fun and decorated room that kids definitely live in and enjoy:) Love the sweet little play spots/shelves.

    22. Melanie Burk says:

      Love it! I love the clean white but bold pops of color. So beautiful!!

    23. Taylor says:

      Oh my gosh I love it!! It looks fantastic!! I love seeing nurseries that are uncommon colors and it all ties together so beautifully! I’m totally pinning this for future inspiration!

    24. Alysa says:

      I love that their nursery colors match your blog colors! :) So cohesive!

    25. Anna @ IHOD says:

      This is fantastic Melissa! I am going to have Gabriel and Veronica share a room when she is a little older as well and I love seeing your ideas:)

    26. Oh my goodness, how lovely! I wish I could have a nice nursery for my kids (who share a room right now, too). It USED to be nice, but the older one (2) likes to rip it apart (take all the books off the bookshelf, pull the curtain rods out of the wall, take all the clothes out of the dresser, etc. etc.). Now she climbs from her toddler bed into her brother’s (1) crib each morning and yells at him “ERIC WAKE UP!!!” So, he wakes up screaming in terror every morning. Awesome. I think he’ll probably work on a bomb squad when he’s grown. Sometimes, though, she’ll just lay there with him, which is incredibly sweet and endearing. I cannot WAIT until we have the upstairs remodel done so each kid can have their own room!

    27. Laura says:

      Adorable. It feels so fresh and sunny. Also, very impressive that you remember the cost of everything in there!

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    31. Andria says:

      I hope I’m not missing it in your great source list, but where is the small yellow/light orange table from?

    32. Dani says:

      Melissa, I’ve been out of the blog circle since we moved to Te4xas and I’m biting at the bit to finally do some more posts. I just happened to check your blog today and saw the little pillowcase…looks fantastic! I seriously love this room. Love the color combo and vintage posters, especially, but your true gift is putting it together at the price point you have. I would expect nothing less! By the way, I’m asking my husband for a new sewing machine for Christmas (I know, I’ve got to get on this!). Any recommendations for a great basic machine that wont break the bank?

    33. Melissa Mathews says:

      Hi! I was wondering if you tell me where you got the decals that spell “Penelope” on the peacock poster print? The nursery is absolutely gorgeous!!

    34. Melissa Mathews says:

      Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the letter decals that spell “Penelope” on the peacock poster print? The nursery is absolutely gorgeous!!

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    36. Wall Tapestry says:

      Nice….. Thanks for sharing………

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