This Weekend


We had a great weekend! What did we do? I don’t know – lots & lots of cuddling with the kids. I got some adorable pictures of Felix & Chris, I have to share with you. Chris just loves to play with Felix (and Penelope!), and there’s nothing sweeter than to watch him be completely silly with them.

I was playing around with my white balance settings & showing him photos every once in a while. After I showed him the first set of pics, he said something about being bald & went back to playing with Felix. This time, he was singing a song – a song that he made up. Eu sou careca – I am bald. He’s hilarious.

Little did he know, I was capturing his goofy moment on video. HA! That’s the best part about having a DSLR with vid capabilities! He thought I was slowly framing my image, but I was recording every bit of that funny song of his.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared pictures & info on baby Felix, I thought I’d share a few stats with you. He’s a chunk-monster! AKA the Feli-monster. He’s 20lbs (95th percentile), 28 inches long (off the charts for his age) & his head. . . oh his head is WAAAAAAAY off the charts. He’s got the average size head of an 18 month old, which explains his difficulty sitting up. He still hasn’t reached that mile marker yet. It’s getting a bit frustrating that he still wobbles in his high-chair, but he’s getting there and I’m more than happy for him to take his time. I’m just glad he’s not like my younger sister was and walking at 7 1/2 months.

Also, this video makes my heart melt. I still need to remember to shoot horizontally when I’m in video mode, but you get the idea. He just lights up whenever I talk to him. Do you see that cute gaping smile at the end? He’s got me wrapped around his tiny little finger.

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    1. Heidi says:

      Oh my goodness Melissa, he is adorable! I love those open-mouthed baby grins!

    2. Libby K says:

      That second picture is gorgeous. Makes me want to arrange a marriage right now (my little Blair might be a tad older, but I think that’s fine!).

    3. Christina says:

      I follow your blog for a while now, but never commented before. You are such a talented person – I’m so impressed with your DIY things, impressed and jealous, because I bought a sewing machine that I cannot even turn it on.

      You also have a lovely and beautiful family. Is your husband Brazilian (or Portuguese? I couldn’t tell by the accent)?

    4. Laura says:

      Aw, I love that video so much. Daddies just have a special place in the family, hey? My nearly-nine-month-old follows my hubby around the house bawling if he dares to think he can not hold her constantly when he’s home and she’s awake, it’s hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. He says it makes him feel both totally awesome and like a terrible person, she will sit outside the bathroom door and sob brokenheartedly if the poor man tries to take a shower after work. (and she was walking at 7.5 months just like your little sister, lol.)


    6. Gah, I can’t stand it! Too much cuteness. What a charmed life you lead, my dear.

    7. megan orsi says:

      he is soooooo cute! i love it! And i feel you on the head size! my son, who is 6 months old TODAY (EEEK!), probably weighs about 22lbs! And his head, last time we checked, was in the 99 percentile! hahaha! We have his 6 month appointment soon, so I guess I’ll get the real details soon!

      anyway, beautiful family! Felix is adorbs!

    8. ira lee henson says:

      awwww, i love breathy sounds babies make. so stinkin sweet!!!

    9. Julia says:

      Oh, Thank you for sharing the baby yumminess. Makes me so happy!

    10. Oh! He’s lost all of the newborn-ness! He’s just adorable! How old is he now?

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