Tie-Front Refashion


Tie front tops are all the rage right now. In fact, I’ve not been able to get this top out of my head since the moment I spied it on Anthropologie’s site. Why does Anthro seem to make me so depressed? Perhaps it’s their perfectly executed visions of style & beauty that I always try to grasp, but never can. Don’t get me started on that store. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Am I the only one?

Not even a week after I spied that top, I found this baby at a thrift store close by my house. Love. Now this might not be that noticeable to some, but totally by me, I was totally put off by the super high neckline & the keyhole below. I still had dreams of the V tie neck like that Anthro one. With some unpicking here & some stitching there, I was able to make the neck tie much more modern. I also tailored the sleeves by 2 inches on each side. It’s subtle, but I feel like it’s in the 21st century now.

So what do you think? Was it worth the whopping $4? I think so. To see more details of this outfit, check out the fashion blog. 

A few of you were asking how I did it, I’m terrible at explaining, but here’s an illustration to show basically what I did:

Hope that helps!!



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    1. Dora B. says:

      I love the adjustments you made to it! It looks so great :)

    2. Elaine says:

      Cute!! I’d love to know how you did that.

    3. Anne says:

      It’s so great! I am so impressed that you could see that in the original top because now it looks like something you could buy in a retail store right now. Totally worth $4 – love it!

    4. Elle says:

      We’re on the same wavelength in regards to being frenemies with Anthropologie. But I envy your style, too! Your modifications are perfect and I love that print. Polka dots are supposed to be “in” this fall, so bonus!

    5. May says:

      Wow! What a gorgeous change! You have a great eye for finding beautiful clothes! You could open a store of great vintage finds that you have up-cycled and spruced up! I wish I could sew

    6. May says:

      You have such a great eye! Beautiful job. You should start your own store selling up-cycled and spruced up vintage clothes!

    7. May says:

      Yikes! Sorry for the semi-re post. Thought the first one didn’t go through. -____-;;

    8. jennifer says:

      wow this is fantastic. i have a love/hate relationship with the store too … mostly because i love it all, but hate the high prices. i am now on the hunt for a thrifted version like yours – looks fantastic!!!

    9. Awe you look so pretty! Shirt….LOVE LOVE LOVE AWESOME SPACTACULAR STUPENDOUS MIRACULOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!Hahahahahaha It looks GRRRRRRREAT. Oh and two random things: 1. You just have to see what I found this week I must admit I got a serious thrifter’s high off of this one:
      2. Tonight I found….Rhodes rolls in my town. They were hiding out at IGA. Excuse me whilst I go make some lemon rolls…..

    10. Katie says:

      Super cute, I say. And I agree, it really is those little subtle things that make the difference.

    11. Amy says:

      Oh my goodness, how darling! Sigh. Guess it’s time to go back to the thrift store. ASAP. On half off day of course. :)

      FAB job, I adore it.

    12. Shaela says:

      totally worth it – and so cute!

    13. Tara says:

      I think the before looked cute too but you have to like it or it will never come out of your wardrobe.

      Also wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. Only discovered a few weeks ago. You have really inspired me to get refashioning! I’m actually a dressmaker but don’t enjoy doing it for a living, so I clean houses and just sew for friends and family. Anyway I have never really refashioned things, but since reading your blog I am reassessing all those things in my wardrobe that have never been quite right, and changing them. I feel like I have new clothes without having to buy anything! So a big thank-you for your inspiration and style. XX

    14. amanda says:

      that’s incredible! it looks amazing + you are so spot on with all your adjustments. way to go!

    15. Abby says:

      Love your refashion! It turned out really great and is so flattering on you!

    16. Jaime says:

      I absolutely feel the same way about Anthropologie. Cute clothes, way to expensive. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you version is so much better than theirs. Give your self a pat of the back because this time you rocked it!

    17. bmerry says:

      i would have even worn it as is. I like Anthropologie, but the prices are completely out of my budget.

    18. Melynda says:

      What a great find- your improvements are fantastic.

    19. Virginia says:

      Maybe they were subtle changes but they make a world of difference— good job! Its so much cuter (and modern) now. I am definitely with you on the love/hate relationship with anthropology- exactly how I feel.

    20. alicia says:

      Love it- you made all the right choices.

    21. Tamara says:

      This is gorgeous! Such an awesome refashion! Now I’m going to start looking for a similar top at my thrift stores.

    22. Melissa says:

      Thanks all!! I’d have to say this is one of the best thrift store finds I’ve scored in some time.

    23. Katie says:

      I’ve never noticed this before but you have beautiful eyeballs. :D also I love the adjustments you made to the shirt.

    24. Katie H. says:

      I am also totally in love with that anthro blouse! Annie was wearing it on Community last night.

      great redo — I’m inspired to go hunt for my own at my local Goodwill.

    25. Heidi says:

      Definitely worth the $4! I like it much better with the v-neck.

    26. Christy says:

      Your “new” top is really cute. And I LOVE those shoes!

    27. Jenn says:

      Love it! So Anthro right now : ) Is it wrong for me to have “thrift envy”? I have it all the time when someone posts and amazing thrift store find, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t find it at my local Goodwills.

    28. Gabrielle says:

      this is DARLING!! i wish i had a skill like yours at fixing up clothing!

    29. Beth says:

      You’re top is super cute! I stumbled upon your blog late last night and am in awe with your talents. Thanks for sharing your thrift store projects. I look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with in the future.
      Also, love love love (!) your calligraphy projects.

    30. Jeannie D says:

      Adorable… and that color is great on you! (love the shoes too)

    31. Heather HS says:

      Love it! So funny… I have basically the same shirt (just “long” sleeves – actually 3/4 on me) that I need to fix up. A little more detail on how you did it would be so helpful!

    32. Anthro is my all-time favorite store of all-time!!! I LOVE IT! The only hate part is the pricing and fact that I have to drive 2 hrs to get to one … though that might add to the “love” more than the hate!

      I wish I could live in that store! It is a grown up Ikea :).

    33. Anthro%20is%20my%20all-time%20favorite%20store%20of%20all-time!!!%20I%20LOVE%20IT!%20%20The%20only%20hate%20part%20is%20the%20pricing%20and%20fact%20that%20I%20have%20to%20drive%202%20hrs%20to%20get%20to%20one%20…%20though%20that%20might%20add%20to%20the%20%22love%22%20more%20than%20the%20hate!


    34. Sarah Jane says:

      This is beautiful! I ALWAYS see great vintage tie fronts, and ALWAYS pass them up for lack of altering skills. You did amazing with this one!

    35. Jeannette says:

      Ok, I aspire to be that good at altering thrift shop finds… that is amazing and so cute! Better than the anthro one by far!

    36. Ann says:

      WHERE did you get those shoes???? Adorable.

      You did an awesome job of the top. You’ve inspired me. I’ve been repurposing some things from thift stores, lately, but I haven’t tried this style.

      Thanks for sharing.

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