White Balance Lens Cap Review


I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with you soon: A ginormous giveaway & the big reveal of Penelope’s & Felix’s room. Their room is coming along quite nicely (well, that is if Penelope will ever stop destroying it long enough for me to clean it up & take pics of it). I’m also excited to share with you my new toy: White BAlens Lens Cap. This (besides my wireless remote), might be my favorite camera gadget so far.

I took 5 minutes to find this white balance in Kelvin. BAlens did it in 10 seconds.

I’ve never been happy with the white balance presets that any of my Nikons have had to offer & the auto can get so frustrating when in mid-shoot you have different color corrections. It’s especially annoying when batching photos to find the colors all over the map! Seriously, I’ve spent hours editing poorly exposed/balanced photos before. It’s misery.

Almost exactly two years ago I took Nicole’s table top class, where she emphasized heavily on shooting in manual & mentioned manual white balance. Since then, I’ve gone completely manual when shooting and I’ve been using my Kelvin setting for white balance. I’ve been using that for the last 1+ years and it’s MUCH more consistent than relying on presets. I’m sort of getting the hang of it, but I’m nowhere near consistent enough; especially when in dark situations with multiple light sources.

I forgot to adjust my white balance from earlier in the day. BAlens fixed that.

 This little lens cap has seriously solved all of my problems. Not kidding. You can see a huge difference in these photos, right? I sure do. No matter what, the BAlens is going to be consistent. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Unlike a greycard. It’s also pretty seamless to use this while capturing fleeting moments.

The lens cap is always with you – as long as you have your lens that you bought the cap for, at least . You just turn on your camera, follow your white balance preset instructions & take a picture with your cap on. Then you take the cap off & shoot away. It’s genius.

This is close, but still too orange/red.

I love that I don’t have to worry or guess anymore to find the correct color balance in low/artificial light settings. No matter the light source, this thing helps my camera properly adjust for the lighting & gives me perfect skin tones every time. That’s huge. I hate it when my pictures make me look like Snooky.

Since using the BAlens cap, I’ve cut down on  my photoshop time by 90%. No joke. SO worth the $45-65 price. This is the least amount of time I’ve spent in photoshop since I started blogging. I have better things to do with my time – like nap with my kids. Or actually do the laundry. What’s your favorite photography gadget?

BAlens provided by Photojojo – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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    1. moxiemandie says:

      I’ll have to tell my hubby about this….I know he’s been wanting something like that. I’m a goon & just shoot everything in auto. ;)

    2. meredith says:

      you have a Nikon? i thought every single blogger in the world used canon. we’ve always been a Nikon fam too. this lens looks awesome!

    3. ashlee says:

      This looks AMAZING! I spend SO much time adjusting my white balance! This is going on my wish list (right after an SLR camera of course!)

    4. marissa says:

      that is awesome! but there you go, adding to my “things i think i need” list again. :)

    5. stacy says:

      okay, i seriously need this… i spend way too much time fixing bad color in photos and i need a time saver in my life!

    6. Corrabelle says:

      Ok, this is awesome. It’s funny, for the first photo, I actually like it better without the lense. (Maybe it’s just because there’s a warm sunny glow on that chubby little cheek!) But for the rest of them, wow!

    7. Aynna says:

      We bought that Threadless onesie for our newest addition, although it won’t fit her for another 6 months.

    8. Summer says:

      Umm…awesome! I’ve only had my Canon for less than a year, and although I’ve been shooting on manual the entire time, I still have finding the correct white balance a little tricky. Cannot wait to get this!

      Also still (im)patiently waiting on your calligraphy class! :) There are so many others online, but I’m waiting for yours! It’s SO beautiful!

    9. Andy says:

      First of all, Hey!, I think that your blog is really good. I’m following since last year, and i think i never posted something.
      I’m Andy and i’m a 26 year old photographer from chile (Yeah south america, so if you go to my blog it will be in spanish).
      This lens cap sound awesome, a few hours ago i was complaining about the time you spend correcting white balance LOL.
      I will think about getting one for my self in a few weeks (after i get my new Lomo Camera)
      My favorite gadget i have to say that is my remote control, a few times a week it saves my life when i’m making photoshoots, so i guess this one has the award for me xD.
      I hope keep reading your blog, again: YOU ROCK AND IT’S AWESOME!

      greetings from Chile

    10. denise says:

      ooohhh! it’s now added to my ‘need’ list!

    11. This is really interesting, I hadn’t heard of a BAlens cap before.

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