Devilishly Good Cake


It was Chris’s Birthday on Saturday! Sadly enough, we spent the whole day car shopping. It’s probably the worst thing ever, besides getting all of your teeth pulled all at once. We had already planned on having family over on Sunday so we treated Sunday night as his real┬ábirthday. We had his brothers & sisters over for dinner, cake & a rousing game of Bridge. Chris’s request was to have chocolate instead of cake. I found this to be the perfect mixture of both.

I’m over on This Week For Dinner sharing A flourless chocolate cake recipe. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it. It’s called Chocolate idiot cake & it only has 5 ingredients. It’s definitely my kind of cake.

Back to Chris. I just want to say how happy I am that he’s here and in my life. He’s hilarious, smart, goofy, an awesome dad & is really, really strong. Here are a couple of things that I love about him:

  • He’s a fast learner & his enthusiasm for learning is contagious
  • He’s a fantastic guitar player, even only a year after starting (and teaching himself!)
  • He writes the best songs that make me smile
  • He’s a fantastic dad & doesn’t shy away at a chance to play/cuddle with the kiddos
  • He can dead-lift like a million pounds
  • He likes to have input in our home decor
  • He’s a fantastic listener
  • He speaks Portuguese
Happy Birthday, my Christopher. I love you.
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    1. ashlee says:

      This is almost exactly (or maybe it is exactly) like my flour-less chocolate cake! Mmmm SO good, I make it for my own birthday every year.

    2. Stacey says:

      My mum is allergic to wheat and my nan loves to cook, one year when I was about 12 (I’m 20 now) my nan discovered a flourless cake mix. Ever since, even though we aren’t allergic to wheat too, we ask for a flourless cake for our birthday! It really is the best and never fails to be moist. Thanks for sharing the recipe – I might have a go myself! xx

    3. I am so glad I didnt miss this post. SALTED caramel ON the flourless chocolate cake!!!! I hear angels singing. My only hope is that I don’t mess up the idiot chocolate cake (I seem to have a unique talent for screwing up good recipes even when following directions exactly. Its quite the phenomenon.) I know I have a springform pan around here somewhere…..

    4. bmerry says:

      I want this cake so much right now.

    5. It seems deicioso. to celebrate, indeed.

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