Glitter Toes


Penelope’s little gold slippers┬áhave been looking pretty ratty for some time. I don’t have any gold shoe polish & I really have no clue how to get rid of the scuffs on the toe. I had gold shoes like this once & ended up buying gold spray paint & clear shoe polish to get them looking new again. That never seemed to last long enough, though.

So, of course the natural remedy is to cover it up in glitter. I like this remedy. It’s messy, it involves lots & lots of glitter & it reminds me of wizard of oz or something like that.

Susan has a tutorial on how to do it. I used PVA glue instead. I don’t have modge podge (gasp!), but PVA is pretty much the same, if not better. PVA is what I use for bookbinding & pretty much everything else. It’s my favorite kind of glue. Possibly ever.

Susan recommends doing multiple layers, which I think I might do. It would be good to make sure that glitter stays on. Ashlee also glitterfies some old shoes of hers, I love how she kept the bow the same. Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be colorizing Penelope’s Dino brunch suite in a more masculine color palette! Check back on Monday for the download.

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    1. Anna @ IHOD says:

      I cannot wait to make some these for Veronica someday.
      Every girl needs a pair of glitters:)

    2. Anna @ IHOD says:

      You are a stunner. :)

    3. pilgrim says:

      i’ve glittered my tap dance shoes the same way – but finished them off with a little spray fixative glue. sparklearkle!!

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