Handmade Geometric Top

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I made this top last night while trying to figure out a pattern for a dress I’m working on. I’d say it turned out pretty well. I still need to hem the sleeves, neckline & bottom.

  • top: handmade, $2 (fabric on sale at JoAnn’s)
  • belt: vintage, $15
  • cuff: Wet Seal, don’t┬áremember
  • jeans: Ross?, $15
  • shoes: thrifted, $5

TOTAl: $37

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    1. […] With the restrictions I already had, I decided that I needed to be meticulous in my planning. Using my refashioned dolman top as a starting point, I traced the outline onto the Swedish Tracing Paper that Pamela gave me* at Sewing Summit. She told me that this stuff was awesome. It really is. I’ve used Glassine in the past, but this stuff is WAY better. Once I got a pattern that I was pretty happy with, I was tempted to just get going on my dress, but I was smart & held back. I got out a similar jersey from my stash – I found this at JoAnn’s in their scraps pile for like $2 – and whipped up a top. Thank goodness I did! I found the sleeves were too tight for the look I wanted & the body was much too loose, too. I made the adjustments on the top (besides the arms) and then translated it onto a new pattern piece. Click here to see more of the above outfit. […]

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