Modernizing a Cheap Top


The last time I visited my in-laws I helped my sister completely overhaul her room. We threw out about 6 heaping laundry baskets worth of old clothes and garbage! It was epic to say the least. I scored some clothes from Brooke in the process & this top was one of them. Free clothes? Twist my arm, why don’t you?

I liked the color, but not necessarily the style. I liked the dolman sleeve, but it was SO wide that you could practically see my belly button if I lifted up my arms. I really don’t want to wear extra layers to cover up if I don’t have to, so that HAD to change. Also, what’s up with the muffin-top hider waist band thing? It looked a little late ’90s & not in a good way. The band was wide & low enough that it just hugged my bum. Not my style.

I chopped off the ribbing, took in the sides, took in the arms & added a vintage floral cuff to the sleeves. I had a fabric swatch from my mom (literally from the ’80s) that matched the top perfectly, but I like the dimension that this not-so-matchy floral fabric adds to the top. I did a blind stitch for the hem & part of the sleeve. Can you tell I’m falling in love with the hand-stitched blind hem? It really adds a lot of polish to the finishing of the garment that my sewing machine can’t. It looks a lot less like a Home Ec project. This top is asymmetrical with the front & back & just long enough for me to wear without an undershirt, but short enough that it gives the appearance of a crop. I like.

What do you think? I think it looks great for being a hand-me-down. CLICK HERE for the full outfit & details.

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    1. So cute! Also, has anybody ever told you you look like Olivia Wilde? Definite resemblance!

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    3. Stacey says:

      I love it! I absolutely love this style of top, and completely agree with you about the waist band thing – where did that design even come from?! the person should definitely be told off. I wish I had enough time to make/amend clothes, instead, I will live my dream through you. Brilliant top again :) xx

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    5. Ana says:

      This overhaul is incredible! I’ve really been liking these sort of tops lately, straight and a little loose, with the appearance of a crop top but still long enough to cover up everything. The beautiful colour of this one makes it even better! I think the printed fabric at the sleeves adds just the right touch to make it stand out….yet another great idea added to my DIY to-do list!

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