PR: Anya-Inspired Earrings


I’m loving this season of Project Runway. We don’t have cable so I anxiously await Saturdays when the new episodes go live online. My two season favorites are Viktor & Anya. They both have great taste & have been incredibly consistent through each challenge. In addition to the challenges I look forward to seeing Anya’s earrings each episode! She has the most fantastic earrings. I need to build up the courage to make some giant disc earrings. My absolute favorite, though, is her winged pair of earrings. They’re so cool. I can’t seem to find any pictures online, but if you watch last week’s episode (where she pairs up with Burt). You’ll see them. They’re gorgeous.

I haven’t been on an actual search to find those specific earrings, but when I saw Nikki post about Yozo Craft & their adorable charms, I thought I’d see what they had. Sure enough, they had a really cool fern charm & thought it’d be adorable paired with a little rose. I don’t typically wear dangle earrings, so I glued a regular post back to the rose & joined the rose & fern leaf together with a jump ring. Altogether costing about $3.50 for the pair of earrings. Now that I’m looking around, these wing charms would’ve worked nicely, too.

Here’s how I wore the earrings on Wednesday. Reader Tamara found some earrings similar to Anya’s at Forever 21, They’re probably the closest I’ve seen to what she wears.

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    1. Jenna says:

      Imma blow your mind right now. ;) The new PR episodes go up the morning after they air, not Saturday. Last night’s episode is already up.

    2. Tamara says:

      I watch Friday mornings online at my lifetime. Love PR!

    3. Katherine says:

      VERY GOOD tutorial!!!

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