Striped Granny Refashion


I found this striped granny shirt & refashioned it ages ago; I’m just getting around to sharing it with you now. It definitely screams summer, so it’s going into hibernation until fall & winter are over. This probably means I won’t wear it for another 9 months seeing as winter has practically hit here in Salt Lake & will be here to stay until mid July of next year. What’s up with these long winters we’ve been having?

This top was a $4 thrift store find. I fell in love with the stripes & the gold button details on the shoulder. I took in the sides & shortened the sleeves. I didn’t feel the need to hem the sleeves as the fabric just rolled anyway.

This refashion took very little time to do. 30 minutes tops.

I’m already getting excited for Spring 2012. You?

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    1. I love it. I am dreading the winter. I live in the south and here its still nearly 80 some days. But those days are numbered. Its either bitter cold or hot as…. Seems like my summer clothes are better than my fall/winter clothes. Main reason is because I love to wear dresses -which is why I need to stock up on tights in every color of the rainbow.

    2. moxiemandie says:

      SO super cute. AND- I wore gold heels on my wedding day- so fun, but OUCH! I’m just not a heels girl!

    3. Looks fantastic! I love Granny refashions! Great job :)

    4. Jen says:

      Great refashion, it does look very summery and sweet. We’ve got some l-o-o-ong winters up here on the Canadian Prairie as well…it’s exhausting, really. Sometimes, I wonder why we live here! Very excited for spring ’12!

    5. Ana says:

      Stripes are my not-so-secret obsession and I love this shirt! I probably would have even worn the before version of it (that’s how addicted I am :P) but the transformation is incredible! Every time I stop by here, I leave with lots of inspiration about how to revamp pieces in my closet. I think it’s time to put them into action too now! :)

    6. savannah says:

      you are brilliant.

    7. Mari says:

      Love ur tricks . U truly been blessed in creativity

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