The Look of Welfare


I was asked if I was going to be paying with food stamps at the cash register today at the grocery store. I’ve never been asked that before, so it makes me wonder. . . is this what it looks like to be on welfare? Granted, I had a grandpa cardigan & an oversized pashmina on, but everything else was the same. Was it the heels that tipped her off or was it the two kids in tow? Scratch all that. I bet she could tell that I spent less than $25 on my entire outfit.

  • earrings: made by me, $2
  • blazer: thrifted, $4
  • necklace: RiteAid, in high school?
  • top: Shade, $10
  • cords: Gap, gift from mom
  • shoes: Payless, $5

TOTAL: $21

Anyone following Project runway? These earrings are an ode to Anya’s cool wing earrings. I want to steal those earrings right off her ears. Also, I might have a little girl crush on Anya. She’s got serious style.

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    1. Tamara says:

      Love the earrings! Love Project Runway too! I went searching for wing earrings really quick and found these:

    2. meredith says:

      i LOVE Anya. she’s hot/super talented. i adore her hair!

    3. Carmen J says:

      Wow, what a strange thing to ask someone! I super dig this outfit, especially the top. Though I have to admit, I hate you just a little for how well you rock the skinny jeans (and cords!) ;)

    4. […] Here’s how I wore the earrings on Wednesday.┬áReader Tamara found some earrings similar to Anya’s at Forever 21, They’re probably the closest I’ve seen to what she wears. Posted in crafts, diy Tags: diy, earrings, fashion, jewelry, style […]

    5. nikki says:

      what a stupid thing for the cashier to say! you look super cute.

    6. danielle says:

      I was asked that once and the reason was I was just getting milk, bread and cheese. I guess those are WIC staples. Well they are just staples in general.

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