Gift Guide by Emily Henderson

Check it out! My calligraphy is published. I did a little DIY freebie for Emily Henderson‘s Christmas Gift Guide. It’s a fantastic gift guide with all sorts of great gift ideas, DIY ideas, styling ideas & more.

Check out page 230 to download free Christmas tags. Print labels on sticker paper for some sweet gift wrapping labels or on card stock for some kid-friendly, simple ornaments! Enjoy!

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    1. moxiemandie says:

      yay! I saw that when I was feverishly looking for my products, but didn’t stop to see that they were from YOU! :)

      Pretty, pretty…

    2. These look great! I haven’t had a chance to look through the guide yet, but am looking forward to it.

    3. Ok, I must be dumb because I seriously can’t figure out how to download these. They are sooo lovely! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Anne says:

      So cool! I’ve had the gift guide open in a tab on my browser for a day now… just waiting (excitedly) till I have a moment to really look at it. And now I’ll look forward to finding your page!

    5. I love your blog. esse post então vou copiar essa idéia. quero muito fazer igual. já estou te seguindo e vou sempre dar uma passadinha para ver as novidades. faça-me uma visitinha, beijinhos jú

    6. Katie says:

      I looked through it the other day after seeing the link here on your blog. It’s a super awesome collection. How cool that you’re a part of it! Congrats on getting published!

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