Hand Lettered Cut Out


I’ve had this lying around in my studio forever. Don’t know why I haven’t shared it with you. OH wait, I know why, it’s so that I have something to share on here while my house is a complete disaster from moving. ;)

I hand lettered this in Illustrator & cut out using my Silhouette. It was more than a little tricky to figure out how much space I needed to add in the tabs to keep everything one fluid piece. It’s pretty delicate, so it’s great that it’ll remain behind glass.

I love how this turned out with the floral/butterfly paper peeking out from behind the letters. I need to do this with the word Esplin for myself.

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    1. Marisa says:

      That’s beautiful!

    2. alicia says:

      This is gorgeous! I’ve never done anything this awesome with my Silhouette.

    3. Libby K says:

      okay, it’s official-you are the mayor of the silhouette! really. that thing is so awesome. love it to pieces.

    4. Love this! The color/pattern combo is adorable! Xo, Katie

    5. Angel Y. says:

      This looks gorgeous! Your hand lettering is amazing as usual. Thank you for sharing! Happy moving :)

    6. MissE says:

      That is so great- I love the texture the second layer adds! So when you do your calligraphy in illustrator, do you draw it by hand, scan, and “draw” over it, or do you use a drawing tablet, or just free-style it? I’m working on my Illustrator skills, so it’s really helpful to see how other people use it!

    7. Melissa says:

      I’m so glad you like it! Thank you!

      @MISSE – i freestyle it with my wacom tablet.

    8. Heather C. says:

      Love it! How much do you charge for something like this?

    9. Gabrielle says:

      this is darling! i love the other paper sowing through underneath it!

    10. that is heavenly … so so beautiful and happy blog anniversary!! cheers!! XOXO

    11. that’s heavenly!! and happy blog anniversary!! XO

    12. Darcey says:

      That is so beautiful!!!

    13. Heather says:

      You need to sell those! I want one!!!! :)

    14. Joelle says:

      This is absolutely gorgeous. I am seriously impressed that you did that with the silhouette…it looks like it would be tricky! Are you planning on selling them anywhere?


    15. Yaz says:

      This is stunning! Keep up the good work, you are a real inspiration.


    16. erin says:

      this is beautiful, melissa! do you sell these? good luck with the moving!!

    17. emily kate says:

      You should sell digital personalized versions like these that one could cut out on their own machine. Your hand lettering is goooorgeous. I want it on everything!

    18. tiffany says:

      that is gorgeous! and i didn’t realized you’re doing houzz too!

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