Last Minute Calligraphy Class


Hey All! I’m doing a calligraphy class in PHOENIX, yeah! If you’re in the Phoenix area, or will be the day after Thanksgiving, you should come to my class! It’s at my in-law’s on Friday, November 29, 2013 from 10-12 am.

 Space is limited so sign up ASAP. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • the tools of calligraphy
  • some of the history behind traditional Copperplate calligraphy
  • how to use pen + ink
  • how to make your writing look awesome
  • how to make flourishes
This course is a 2-hour workshop that includes the materials to get started. You don’t want to miss! Click here to sign up
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    1. June K says:

      I love your calligraphy work. I wish I was close to Phoenix – I’d attend. But Sacramento, Ca is a little far.

    2. lily says:

      i wish i was in phoenix!! any news on an online course?? happy thanksgiving :)

    3. Shaela says:

      dash it all – if I was going to my parents for TG I would SO be there!!

    4. I was just wondering about this! I am so excited to come!

    5. joy says:

      Well, if I were near Phoenix, it would fun! And I have to say (because I meant to much sooner), I LOVE the design you did for Megan Nielsen’s new patterns!

    6. Kayleigh says:

      My coworkers were talking about calligraphy the other day and how it is a lost art. I thought, “I should take a class!” So I’ll be watching for your next Utah class :)

    7. Gabrielle says:

      of course you do this in phoenix right after i move from there… that’s life i guess

    8. bonny says:

      nooooo!!!!! i’m receiving my big E’s friday before the mesa temple closes before before my wedding! and i have to be there at 4. are you going to be in phx any longer or just friday?

    9. Susie Baumgardner says:

      where will the class be located?

    10. Kathy Bartmann says:

      Please let me know if you ever offer another class in the Phoenix area
      Thank you

    11. Jane says:

      I’m also interested in a Phoenix area class – please let me know when you do one. Thx.

    12. Melissa smith says:

      I’m also interested in a class in phoenix. Any plans to have another?

    13. Lauren Stapp says:

      I’m interested in the Phoenix class as well, please let me know when you release details!

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