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I’ve been a little MIA from this blog recently, but haven’t been resting on my laurels! I just finished up the branding/site redesign for fashion blogger, Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style. She originally was just looking for someone to help her left justify her blog, but then we ended up rebranding a bit. I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out! I used a minimal color scheme, kept things pretty close to her original design & tweaked a few things to make it look a bit more consistent. And. . . what branding would be complete without a little Melissa calligraphy in there? I went for a mono-line stroke with the lettering on her blog & I think that does a great job of keeping things clean.

Head over there & check it out!

Every once in a while I have bloggers emailing me to redesign their graphics/branding & most of the time I’m completely swamped with other stuff. Seriously, could I add a few more hours to the day? It was really fun to be able to work with Taylor on her site. Go check out Sterling Style for some sweet fashion.

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    1. Emily says:

      Melissa, you’ve literally read my mind! I’ve been planning on making the switch from Blogger to WordPress through ProPhoto Blogs, but since I haven’t transitioned yet, I’m not sure which of these options would best for me. I know you work with ProPhoto, and I’d love your feedback.

    2. Melissa, you did such a GREAT job! I am wishing I hired you when I just redid my Blog. I still want to hire you for a custom art piece. You’re so talented. Can’t wait to meet you in SLC!

    3. I am going to seriously ponder this offer! I know it’s a great one, and I could definitely use some branding help/insight. xo

    4. Kristin says:

      Melissa- You are awesome. If I couldn’t do it myself, I’d hire you in a heart beat to design for me.

      I hardly ever comment, but you’re awesome and I wish I were in UT so I could take one of your calligraphy classes. Just FYI :)

    5. Kristin says:

      I never comment, but I’ll come out of the blogging woodwork just to tell you that you are awesome. I’d hire you in a minute if I couldn’t do my own designs. I wish I was in UT so I could take your calligraphy class!

    6. Kristin says:

      uh, I don’t know why it posted twice….

    7. Hi Melissa … I’m new here. You made a great work with it.

    8. Hello,

      I’m sure I could send this privately, but I have no shame in my game. I’d love to take advantage of one of these great packages and am curious about 2 things. First, do you offer payment plans? Second, if I buy in to the lowest package and later decide to add other services, can pricing be adjusted to fit that option? Thanks! Your work is beautiful!

    9. Melissa says:


      i don’t offer payment plans, but if you buy one of the smaller packages & decide to upgrade later, i’d be more than happy to honor the prices you see here.


    10. margaux says:

      hi! I had some questions about this offer but wasn’t sure how to email you. would you shoot me an email so I could respond asap? I am very interested in this offer but new to blogging so I have some (possibly silly, sorry) questions.


    11. kelly says:

      HI Melissa!

      I have loved your talented updates/tweaks on Sterling Style’s blog site. Your work is beautiful!
      I am looking into transferring my main blog site to wordpress from tumblr and recreating the branding/graphics. I would love to see if you are available to work with me on this project? They both need a facelift as well! But first things first, would love to see if you have the time to help with The Everyday Darling site? I would love to make it more my own logo-wise, larger picture space(size of sterling’s pics)and add availability for ad space, etc.
      I look forward to hearing from you!
      Thanks Melissa!

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