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I’m forgoing a Redesigned post this week & sharing with you my business cards I’ve made for Altitude Design Summit. I’m really excited about them. Heck, I should be. They took me at least 20 hours to design, complete & assemble.

I’ve got access to a laser cutter, so I made little friendship bracelets with my “I still love you” logo on them. Cutting the leather took about 4 hours. Thank heavens I didn’t have to do all that by hand.

In the past, I’ve cut my vinyl stickers myself with my little Silhouette, but this time I didn’t want to deal with all that. I had them done at Fast Signs. That lifted a bunch of stress off my shoulders to have that done for me.

I got a lot of help this time around with my business cards!! My sister-in-law helped with the bracelets, My intern helped stamp the cards & clean the leather and my cousin & his wife helped me assemble it all. I wouldn’t have been able to do it in under 20 hours without them! Thanks, friends!!

So, are you going to Alt? What did you do for your business cards? Please do say hi to me at the conference! I have a little goodie for you & I’d love to meet you. If you’re not heading to Alt, I’ll be back here on Monday. Happy weekend!

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    1. mandie says:

      they are lovely & oh! I EL OH VEE EEEEE that bracelet. for reals.

    2. megannielsen says:

      oh my goodness!! best ever!!! i want one of those bracelets – they are so rad!! I hope you have an amazing time at Alt my friend! hugs! xoxo

    3. Heidi says:

      Have so much fun this weekend! I hope to go to Alt someday, it sounds so inspiring!

    4. marissa says:

      love those – especially the bracelets! genius idea from a brilliant woman! have fun at alt!

    5. Heather C. says:

      Have an awesome time at Alt! It sounds like so much fun. Do you know how many people attend? I know it sells out every year. Is it really $400 to attend? I want to start my design blog aside from my family one and I’m sure Alt would be a great thing to go to to get started. Love the bracelets!

    6. Sigrid says:

      Nice to meet you tonight. I loved this ~ it is a gift. Lovely. Thank you!

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    8. Diana Smith says:

      Very cute!! So fun that you are at alt! Also, I am so glad you are in Orem/Provo!! We live like 5 mins from each other, lets get together!!

    9. Christina says:

      I want a bracelet!

    10. Christina says:

      I want a bracelet too!

    11. Christina says:

      (Sorry, didn’t mean to comment twice)

    12. Timothy says:

      I was fortunate to receive one of these lovely cards and must say it’s my favorite from Alt!

      Great to meet you and hope to cross paths again before the next Alt.

    13. Kate says:

      I’m obsessed! These are SO cute!

    14. I was so excited to receive one of your impressive “business cards” — It was great to meet you in person at Alt!

    15. Deepa says:

      Hi! Got here via Kirtsy. I have a soft spot for calligraphy, and these cards totally hit that spot. Lovely work!

    16. I just want to say that these are awesome. I was lucky to get one!

    17. Charlotte says:

      Wow these are amazing!! I have a similar one that says ‘Long Live Vintage’ on it and I adore it. This one would go great next to it.

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