Thrifty & Chic: White Boots


Happy Friday! I feel like this week has just flewn by. There are officially 10 days left until Altitude Summit starts. I’m in full-blown crunch mode, finishing business cards (for me & others), class curriculum and wardrobe choices to name a few.

One of the most stressful parts of the wardrobe situation is that they’re hosting a winter whites party. Everyone is to wear white. AAAAHHH! I guess I could wear my wedding dress (If I can track it down), but that’s hardly appropriate. I bought a white dress from Asos, which is totally gorgeous, but I’m not entirely sure I want it in white. I ordered it in Peacock as well so I’ll decide which one to keep once the delivery arrives. If I decide I don’t want to go with the white dress, I’ve got some off white items: This shirt, this skirt and the above boots. The skirt isn’t really white, but it’s close enough. I guess.

I am excited about wearing the boots, though! I love these babies. I found them in Provo where thrift shopping is insane. Insane in a bad way. When I bought these boots I was wearing a vintage yellow jacket of mine & another girl in the store asked if I was planning on buying it.

“Excuse me? This is my jacket. I wore┬áit in here.”

“Oh. Oh, my mistake. Sorry.”

In some cases it’s like day-after-thanksgiving shopping with ravenous sharks. Pretty darn hilarious. In any case, that makes this find even more miraculous. I didn’t have to fight anyone or rip them off anyone’s feet. They were just sitting on the shelf all by themselves in practically unworn condition for $8 (I’ve added scuffs & dirt since then). Did I mention thrift stores are more expensive where we’re living, too?!? Crazy.

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    1. meredith says:

      for Provo thrifting i always went the Savers route. DI was closer but it was more picked over/expensive. plus BYU does a HUGE clothes swap once in a while, that’s the best! PS: that dress from ASOS is hottt. have fun!

    2. Kristy says:

      Ugh, Provo thrifting! It makes me crazy. I save my pennies for visits to my trusty old Savers in Colorado and an occasional drive up to Cottonwood Heights. I always find good stuff there.

      I LOVE the boots!

    3. ha! I guess thrifters everywhere are willing to do a lot for a bargain;) I’ve seen similar behavior at garage and estate sales– no rules!

    4. You had me laughing when you were talking about it being like day after thanksgiving shopping! Where I live stuff is usually very cheap -esp the styles I’m into. Seems like most of the people I encounter in thrift stores are looking for designer clothes. The dress from Asos=AWESOME. Both colors are fabulous. You could always add a white belt to the white dress!

    5. bmerry says:

      You could go on a thrifting mission to find a white outfit. I thrifted a skirt Saturday afternoon for a Saturday night party.

    6. Pamela says:

      Couldn’t agree more with the comments above. Thrifting in Utah County is redonkulous. So frustrating and agressive. Whenever I do find something amazing I thank my lucky stars!! Good Luck with finding an all white outfit. Whatever you pick will look fantastic!!

    7. What a great find. It’s find like these boots that fuel me to thrift more…you know?

    8. LOOOOVe vintage white cowboy boots. ALl the time.

    9. danielle says:

      Haha… I remember driving up to Sandy and finding sooo much more at the DI up there than the ones in Provo.

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