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As I mentioned yesterday, Chris lost his job last week. I would be lying if I said it was a surprise, because it’s not. The company that he worked for (and was warned about before working there) is totally falling apart. It’s one of those start ups that’s doomed to fail for lack of good management.

While it sucks that Chris is out of work, we’re feeling very peaceful about our situation. Chris can now spend all of his time working on developing my calligraphy site and I can spend more time catching up on life, design and the kiddos. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to finish up the tutorials and projects I’ve had in the works, and I’m going to blame that on the weather and something that’s going on in my ears. I haven’t been able to go without a 3 hour nap (kids jumping on me or no) any day this week. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.

We’ve done the super cheap thing before and I’m prepared for us to do it again. I’m just so grateful for all of the support we have had from family, friends and all of you. Thank you!

With our current budget, we’re still throwing Felix a little birthday party this weekend (really? how is he already ONE!?). I’ll be keeping it low-key, but making a few fun little decorations for the festivities. I can’t wait to share with you his big milestone.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

FYI – if you’re in the Orem/Provo/Utah area next week, there’s going to be a big get-together for bloggers, blog readers, pinterest, twitter and instagram lovers. It’s hosted by Soel Boutique and See Jane Blog. It’s sure to be awesome! I’ll be there hanging out with friends and hopefully meeting new ones. Be sure to come up and say hi! The first 50 people through the door get a goodie bag from the following sponsors. You don’t want to miss. See you there!

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    1. Sarah Jane says:

      Sorry to hear about Chris’s job! I KNOW you can handle the thrifty. It’s pretty much all I’ve ever known. I feel like there’s something really special about pushing yourself to be completely resourceful and creative with limited financial resources. It’s made me a better and more creative person! Love to you and your family! I’m going to try and make it to the meet up, if so, let’s chat!

    2. Ashlee says:

      Sweetie I’m so sorry, my husband was out of work for 18 months and even now that he has a job it’s making so little it’s still rough. The work you guys have been doing for the websites is absolutely gorgeous, I only wish I could afford you! I wish I lived closer and could make Felix a cute little smash cake. Have an amazing weekend and I HOPE to see you next week!

    3. I am so sorry to hear about Chris’ job! My husband lost his job the year after we got married and it was no fun at all!!! But things always get better and you are very clever! I also hope you get to feeing better and hope spring comes early this year! Happy birthday to Felix! :)))

    4. Emily says:

      So sorry to hear about Chris’s job and about you not feeling well. Hope things get better soon! And happy birthday Felix!

    5. Jane Rhodes says:

      thank you for the shout out, melissa! i’m looking forward to seeing you again + i hope you get feeling better. and, best of luck in your current unemployed husband situation, sounds like you have great attitude & a plan to attack your current goals.


    6. Erin R. says:

      So sorry to hear about Chris’s job. Glad to hear that you are peaceful about it. If you’re game for moving to Michigan, I know of a great company (and well established) that is hiring (all computer related). :o)

    7. I’m really sorry to hear about Chris’ job too:( I am glad you guys are feeling okay about it and have a plan– I really look forward to seeing to new calligraphy site!

    8. Katie says:

      Alas, I moved out of Provo a few months too soon. :) Have fun at the meet-up!

      As for your financial situation, I so understand. :) My husband hasn’t “lost” a job, he just doesn’t have one. He’s in grad school, so it’s fine, but I get where you’re coming from. It sounds like you guys know how to rock it cheap though, so I’m not too worried for you. :)

      Best of luck with all the projects you have in the works! And, seriously, hope you get to feeling better soon. I was sick all last month and it was the worst. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      Enjoy your naps and all the great time with your husband! :)

    9. Leanne says:

      I’m sorry Chris lost his job. I know all too well how that feels, but I know you can do the thrifty thing. You’re amazing at that. I can’t believe Felix is one. Have a great celebration!

    10. anna says:

      sorry to hear about the job loss, but glad you guys have a good perspective on it.

    11. samarahuel says:

      Happy Birthday, Felix! Melissa, I admire your whole attitude about your life right now. My husband is a student right now, and I stay home with our two little ones, so I’ve already been enjoying your DIY and thrifty style, and I appreciate that you’re going to continue to offer great inspiration that I can actually afford to follow! It’s one of the things that’s kept me coming back to your blog more than others, and I hope that now that you’re both able to give it more attention, you’ll be able to draw in even more readers.

    12. michael ann says:

      so sorry to hear about the mr’s job, but three cheers for thrifty living right? haha! i feel like all i’ve known is thrifty living, and now with a tiny baby on the way with the mr still in school, we’re going into thrifty overdrive! but seriously, i love your optimism and am so excited to keep following your crafty thrifty journey. thanks for being awesome, and i hope you have a great weekend :]

    13. Deepa says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that. When we moved to Amsterdam from Singapore, the hubby’s income took a big hit (mostly because the taxes here are so much higher) and I had to give up my job. I can understand feeling peaceful in a tough situation; it’s the mark of a solid partnership and a great attitude towards life. Wishing you both lots of luck, and I hope you find much to be grateful for during this time!

    14. Melissa, sorry to hear this! I am happy you’re feeling at peace about it, but I can imagine how stressful it is. However, I feel certain that Chris will find something more stable and all the better. That’s how it’s always been with me with job transitions. You look back and feel lucky. Best wishes! xoxo, Ellen

    15. May says:

      It’s so wonderful that you and Chris are so positive! I hope that he finds a job that he will enjoy. Good things take time! You two obviously have a lot of love and support. Keep your chins up! You guys make a wonderful team! :)

    16. Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear about Chris’ job! I know how excited you all were & that you moved for his work. You have such a great attitude about it!! Feel free to pop over to my site for the latest coupons & deals :). Being frugal is fun & practical … all the time!

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