Refashioned: Moccasins


Last Saturday I went up to Salt Lake City to pick up a few goodies (the dining table & chairs set is complete!) and stopped by a local thrift shop with Penelope. We had a great time in there & both of us found some killer scores. P is becoming a real shopper, it’s super duper cute.

I found these Minnetonka moccasins for $2. They’d practically never been worn, based on the wearing of the soles. They’re super cute, but as my friend¬†Amanda¬†pointed out, the soles as they were would only last indoors. I’ve taken my shoes to a cobbler many times with great success, but I thought I would try adding a sole by myself.

I had some extra leather on hand from the bouncy swing I made years ago, so I thought it was worth a shot. Heck, if it doesn’t work out, I can always take them to a cobbler to get fixed. I wouldn’t be out much of anything, except scraps.

I took out my swedish tracing paper, glue & scissors and in less than 15 minutes gave my shoes new soles. I’ll report back once they’ve been worn a few times to tell you how they held up.

So tell me, have you ever taken your shoes to the cobbler before? I’ve taken in my slippery shoes & had the cobbler put treading on the soles. It’s so great for winterizing your boots!

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    1. Maura says:

      In my early twenties I had a favorite pair of heels that I wore at least three times a week. I worked in retail, so I was on my feet a lot, and I had a cobbler replace the rubber heel tips at least 3 times. I’ve never considered anything other than repairs, though. Now I’ll be going through my closet to look for pesky slippery soles!

    2. Heidi says:

      I’ve taken things in for repair — like a broken strap, etc. I have a feeling that not many people consider this . . . unfortunately, it’s more of a “toss and buy new.”I could be wrong, though.

    3. Jaime says:

      I take my Frye boots in all the time. I am obsessed with the boots and have worn them almost everyday for 3 years (minus summer). The soles are leather and when they started to wear out the cobble put on a protective sole and voila!

    4. samarahuel says:

      The only thing I’ve taken to a cobbler recently was my favorite pair of slippers. The sole had started to come away from the upper in the area around my big toe. Unfortunately, he told me that any stitching work generally starts around $40, which is more than the slippers were worth. I wish I could find another cute pair of slippers like that! They were a pink felt version of the Gap City Flat, with a cute felt flower on the toe. Seriously, the only time I ever got compliments on my footwear was when I was wearing those; people who came to the door would say, “Cute shoes!” Le sigh.

    5. ira lee says:

      yes!!! my fav pair of boots i got at charlotte russe for $35. they are a cognac color, i looked for months for this color, they are heels but i can wear them for hours and my feet dont hurt!!! the leather on the heel was scratched and the tip of one heel was completely gone. took them to a local guy ( he doesnt even have a business phone, is retired, works crazy weird hours, but is always busy), $12- boom, like new!!!!!!!

    6. dani says:

      Tradespeople just make our lives better, huh? Yes, I’ve used a cobbler and was so happy with the results. He not only resoled the shoes, but lotioned them. It was like they had been to the spa and I felt a little cared for too, since he loved the shoes as well!

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