Thrifty: Striped Tees


I found these striped tees for Felix about 2 months ago and have been meaning to share them with you for some time. I’ve been waiting to shoot them when I have them all clean at the same time, but alas, they’re in such tight rotation it never happens.

These shirts were part of a huge thrift store haul, none of them were more than $2 each. Someone must have donated an entire boy’s wardrobe from the eighties earlier that day. It’s so hard to shop/make clothes for boys. I’m just not that creative with boy’s clothes, anyway.

Two of these shirts are Healthtex. When I showed them to my mother-in-law she said something to the effect that that brand was one of her favorites. I can see why. They’re really high-quality tees. Healthtex still exists, but you can find vintage healthtex all over etsy. Here’s a little list of my favorites while browsing the listings: Primary Striped Shirt • Striped Hoodie •  Train Jacket • Plaid Seersucker Dress • Pink Striped Dress • Velour Striped Sweater • Striped Polo

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun or find any sweet thrifty finds? Fill me in, in the comments below!

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    1. Emily says:

      great finds! I remember healthtex from my childhood. :) wish they made clothes (and sheets) like they did back then. my favorite thrifted item is a 25 cent turtleneck that I refashioned into a scoop neck 1/2 sleeve shirt. The pink is gorgeous and it’s a nice sturdy knit that doesn’t cling but is still really soft.

    2. Shaela says:

      I found an AWESOME 3-tiered wall shelf with hooks along the bottom for $10 (originally $60… price tag still on it, hehe). Normally that’s a little steep for me, but it’s in excellent condition and just needs a fresh coat of paint to be perfect for my little girl’s room! :)

    3. So cute! If I ever have a boy I know it will be a challenge to outfit him but I’m up for the challenge. I am anti train/turtle/baseball bat when it comes to boy clothes. HAHA!
      Vintage melamine plates in cotton candy colors. mustard yellow cardigan. patterns. dress.
      GREAT mustard yellow knit blanket:
      AND AND I came across a vintage modern walnut table SET (included 4 chairs) but I didn’t buy it. only $225 for the set. My husband said it was too small. (It could worked with smaller chairs) One of those finds that make you want to bang your head against the wall bc it is fabulous and exactly what you are looking for but won’t work for you. It looked exactly like this one from crate&barrel:

    4. Allison says:

      I found a vintage desk for only $5 and repainted it for my daughter’s room!

    5. CoraD says:

      sweet finds! i too went thrifting at a giant goodwill in portland, or. while at first i had sticker shock (most things at my rural goodwill are $3, but in portland around $6-$9) i made some good finds – banana republic slacks, cool blue tunic sweater, brand new merona long sleeve shirt, old navy butterfly cardigan and a fancy dress to wear to my friend’s oscars party. and then another friend gave me two huge bags of fabulous sweaters, shirts and sweats and another friend loaned me three pairs of shoes. my wardrobe overflows!

    6. sarahjane says:

      I love the Healthtex brand!! It seems like all the cute stuff I run into ends up being Healthtex, and I’ve totally considering buying vintage etsy before, but then decide I’ll just try and find some stuff myself. :)

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