Thrifty: Tweed Blazer


It’s always so exciting when I find outerwear that fits my frame. I scored this blazer last Saturday when out and about with Penelope. It’s in perfect condition.

I scored this gorgeous blazer for $4! Click here to view outfit details.

My absolute favorite part about the blazer is the triangular leather detail on either side of the pockets. A-dorable! Now I want to put leather triangles on all of my pockets.

So tell me, what have you found recently that you just can’t get enough of? Do share!

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    1. Emily says:

      super cute! great find!!

    2. Really cute!! I have a few blazers from Goodwill. It’s always like Christmas when I find one that actually fits.

    3. Farra says:

      Nothing as great of a bargain as that awesome blazer! BUT, I did just find a Rebecca Minkoff bag I’ve been eyeing for months over at Nordstrom Rack. Score!

    4. Rebecca says:

      That IS a great find! It really is the little details that make it special. Love it!

      Rebecca (hearts)…

    5. Jenn says:

      Super chic! I’ve been looking for a thrifted blazer! I just got a chambray shirt at Goodwill I’ve been wearing out ; )

    6. very cool! You look so cute in blazers I have several but I have trouble pulling of the look haha
      I found the shower curtain thats a perfect match for my seafoam green 1950s bathroom tiles for $2
      and this dress that I made some minor changes to

    7. auna says:

      I love that! I’m really into a chair that I got at goodwill for $4.50. I’m in the process of restoring it. (link to chair: )
      I also love anything that I can refashion into perfection.

    8. Sarah Jane says:

      Hot! The triangle detail? Killer.

    9. kate says:

      That is an amazing find! I went thrift shopping all day today and was 100% unsuccessful. Zero good thrifty items in Victoria for me! I guess I’ll just variously enjoy your blazer :)

    10. Tracy says:

      I found a gorgeous Evan Picone blazer with leather buttons and sleeve patches for around the same price. I wear it ALL the time. It’s in perfect condition, so I didn’t have to do a thing to it :)

    11. Ana says:

      I really wish I had such great thrifting skills…instead I barely know where I can find a good thrift store in my city! This type of item is exactly the reason I wish I was better at it…it’s an incredible find (and looks like it is of very high quality too!), that you would have a hard time finding new, or at the very least it would be quite expensive.
      But I have to say that my favourite part about it are the pockets!! Too often pockets on blazers are just decorative touches instead of functional! :)

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