Valentine’s Treats from Penelope


Penelope is getting more and more excited and interactive with holidays these days. I can honestly say that she’s had far more enthusiasm over Valentine’s Day than she did over Christmas. It’s so cute. Last night we put together the little Valentine’s treats for Penelope’s preschool class. We had a lot of fun doing it.

I was trying to think of something clever to go along with the orange taffy, but I couldn’t think of anything I liked. Oh well. It’s not like any of her classmates can read anyway. Instead of doing something whitty to coordinate with the candy, I mimicked the polka dot of the taffy on the little card (very much inspired by Joke‘s polka dot cups). Penelope loves playing with stamps, so I thought it’d be a great way for us to work on these together. The above is the prototype of what I had envisioned for her little treat.

I also thought about printing out something for the “be mine” part, but with only 12 kids in her class, I think it was almost faster to write it out. So I did. The ink was supposed to be orange, but it turned out more like burnt sienna. A real disappointment, because that color does NOT read valentine’s at all. It’s not one of those battles I wanted to fight.

Above are Penelope’s versions of her little treat. She started doing really well with stamping the dots, but she got sick of re-inking with each stamp that she just started stamping the card with the ink pad. Pretty adorable.

I also had her hand-write out her name on each of the cards. It was a fun practice for her. She’s getting pretty good at writing out her name, and this exercise was good for her concentration. The girl goes a million miles a minute all day, so sitting down and writing out her name 12 times was a change of pace.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all!! What are your plans for tonight? I might surprise Chris with a home-cooked meal. It’ll be sure to be a surprise as I haven’t cooked much in the last few weeks.

P.S. Can you tell that I took the first photo with my DSLR and the second with my iphone? I had to quickly snap a shot of Penelope’s treats before she went off to preschool and my camera battery was dead.

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    1. olga says:

      So lovely, you can just imagine your little one writing names and thinking about the next day when she will be giving them!
      And well, your Iphone does a really good work!?

    2. Katie says:

      Cute valentines! And, no, I couldn’t tell. :)

    3. Libby K says:

      Several thoughts: no, you can’t really tell a difference in the photos. My poor “big” camera is feeling lonesome now that my phone has taken over. Sad. Second-I hear you on the “surprise cooking” biz. Lately my idea of home cooked equals microwaved. Not even a little bit kidding. Finally, those valentines are so sweet. Kudos.

    4. Adi Edlen says:

      I never would have noticed that the pics were different – you have a steady hand to take such a good iphone shot!! love your blog, It was great meeting you in the Alt Summit class today!

    5. Eva says:

      This is such a cute idea, and I love her version!

    6. Sarah Jane says:

      I love the little valentines that P did! It just goes to show that you’re a great mom, letting her help and do her own despite your own perfectionist tendancies. :) They turned out really sweet. That iphone pic is killin me. Can’t tell one bit.

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