Super Hero Penelope


A few weeks ago while Penelope and I were on a mommy-daughter date, we passed a batman raincoat in the mall. Penelope became obsessed. She wouldn’t stop talking about capes and bats for the entire 45 minute drive home.

As soon as we got home, I made her a cape using our old worn out black bedsheets. I just looked up a few tutorials, but then ended up doing my own thing, just based on how much fabric we had left. It didn’t take much to whip this thing up, and it made Penelope’s day. Week, even.

She wouldn’t stop talking about a bat on the cape, so I ended up cutting out a little pink bat and pinning it on her cape. I’ll sew it on her when Penelope settles on a logo for her cape.

She didn’t take it off for a few days, and any time I asked her to help get a diaper or help with anything, it was, “Penelope to the rescue!”

The other day, her teacher said that she’s most definitely the girliest tomboy she’d ever met. I take that as quite the compliment. Penelope is a very well-rounded little girl. 

I love her spunk. Don’t you love her little rainbow temporary tat? We got some really fun mail today from Tattly*.


I can’t figure out why it didn’t dawn on me to make her a cape sooner. It’s so easy and Penelope gets so much mileage out of it! Check out these cape tutorials:

Puking PastillesSkirt as TopSkip to My LouMom Rising 

*The temporary tats were a gift from Tattly. This is not sponsored post.

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    1. kristin says:

      oh so cute – she looks so happy and super in her cape! thanks for linking to my tutorial, too, what a nice surprise. :) my daughter says the exact same thing when she wears her superhero cape (but with her name, of course)!!

    2. what a SWEET GIRL, Melissa! I just wanna scoop her up and give her a big hug!

    3. phil says:

      one of the coolest superhero !!!!

    4. Anna @ IHOD says:

      Cannot. get. over. her. shoes. I mean really?! It says she has such a fun life;)
      The cape is wonderful.

    5. Linda says:

      I love the cape, the shoes, sweet little Penelope, and something that no one else would ever notice: the plaid shirt she is wearing was given to Chris by his Grandma Peggy, and all of his brothers and sisters wore it. I’ve always loved it. Talk about thrifty….

    6. Marisa says:

      Sweet! And it shows yet again that kids don’t need the 40 dollar official batman cape to be happy. Your version looks better anyway.

    7. Sarah Jane says:

      Her shoes are KILLING me!

    8. mandie says:

      the shoes kill me. She is so stinking cute!

    9. CoraD says:

      That is the best compliment! And something I want for my girls. I was worried about unfairly biasing them against princesses – just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. But my oldest has confirmed that she loves cars, trains and princesses.

    10. tamara says:

      I bookedmarked the following link way before I had kids because this was such a great idea: use hubby’s old T-shirts to make rad super hero capes for the littles.

    mobile site