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Penelope and I went to the thrift store today in the hopes of finding her a cute new dress (or two) and me a cool case for my growing calligraphy supplies.


I’m still on the lookout for a cool carrying case to replace my metal lunchbox, which is just about to break; but we did find a me dress for Pen! We also found a lot of other awesome goodies including clogs for both Penelope and me!

Penelope’s clogs are plastic and cost $2. Mine are leather Candie’s and were $4. A fantastic score if you ask me.

And just to let you know… these are my eleventh pair of brown shoes. Just two more and I’ll have a bakery’s dozen!!

What awesome things have you found lately? Do share in the comments below!

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    1. Nessa says:

      I just found a granny square throw… and I love. $4 :)

    2. very nice!!! Leather!!! I have a crazy amount of shoes. I may someday reveal the shameful number….LOL!
      I used a vintage tin picnic basket as a sewing box. Its the perfect size. Something like that might be a good container for your calligraphy supplies…and with growing room. I think it was $4
      You can see mine here:

      This past saturday I scored big time at a local church yard sale and got some pink melamine bowls, a tin jack in the box, a toy piano, two recipe files, a globe a raggedy ann box, a pair of rain boots. Spent a whopping $11.25…
      I love thrifting! So so so much!

    3. Slip says:

      This weekend I was able to buy the floor model of a media shelf for $10. New it would have been $30. It was really roughed up, but that was fine since my plan was to put it in my closet and use it as a five-shelf shoe rack. I didn’t even have to put it together and it holds 15 pairs of shoes!

    4. Just hit a Pyrex jackpot! :)

    5. Bellesme says:

      Haha I love how you say 2 more to a bakers dozen and not 1 more for a dozen =) Yay more shoes!! =)

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