Thrifty: Penelope’s Darling Dress


I can’t believe it’s the weekend already. Seriously this week has just flown right by. Chris and I are making serious progress on the calligraphy site (sign up for the newsletter here). I can’t begin to describe to you how excited I am for this class!! I hope you are, too.

Last weekend, Penelope and I went thrift shopping for the first time in a long while. We found so many awesome treasures, like the mommy/daughter clogs, I’ve been thinking of going again everyday this week. The thing about thrift shopping, once you find good stuff, then you want to go all the time and because everything is so cheap I either end up spending way more than I thought I would and/or come home with stuff that I don’t actually need.

So, I’m not purchasing a whole lot of home goods on my thrift excursions and I’m being more picky than ever. However, clothes are very easy to justify, especially for Penelope and Felix. They’re both growing like weeds, so they really can’t have enough. Especially Penelope, who’s dresses are all more like shirts these days.

I picked up this sweet little dress for Penelope (she was so excited when I showed it to her). It was $2. For serious. I love the gingham print and the peter pan collar. It’s just so stinking adorable and perfect for winter with the color palette and perfect for the summer with it being sleeveless and all. Score all around.

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    1. Kate says:

      Penelope is too cute for words. That dress is adorable, I love thrift finds like that!

    2. Ana says:

      Oh my goodness, that is such a sweet dress. Every girl’s dream – big or small. I’ve decided that this spring I’d like to start venturing into thrift shopping myself. I’ve even started looking for vintage/thrift stores in my city. I’ve seen people with such incredible thrift finds (yours are some of the best ones I’ve seen!) and besides, it’s quite the eco-friendly endeavour and that’s what I’m all about.

    3. Becky x says:

      Sooo cute! And 2 Dollars? Great dress! xo

      Becky –


    4. So lovely! I have 2 boys, so long for a dress in my house but a shirt version would be cool, wouldn’t it?

    5. Jenn says:

      Oooh, so cute. I love Penelope’s head bow too.

    6. Joy says:

      Adorable!!! I love it!!

    7. that dress… we(me and my daughter) are jealous of!!! Peter pan collar=obsession. Great find! She is adorable and the outfit couldn’t be more perfect. :)

    8. Krysten says:

      SO totally cute!

    9. bmerry says:

      I feel the need to share my recent thrifty scores. This weekend I found a posture chair for $13.41 (which is high for a thrift store, BUT it’s only the second one I’ve ever seen and the Future Mister has been wanting one forever)and a very cute vintage glass cake stand for $5. AAaahhhhh…

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